Anterier Placenta

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annab - October 29

Has anyone had a anterier placeta here ? The doctor told me it's fine but I won't feel my baby until much later. I'm on week 21 and no kicks or butterflies. Just curious if anyone has any experience with this ? and how long it took to feel the baby.


Tory1980 - October 30

I have. Three out of my four pregnancies have had anterior placentas. I found that lying on your side you can often feel the movements easier at that stage but as the baby grows then you will start to feel the movements a lot more clrearly. I am now nearlly 30weeks and every movement is clearly pronounced and has been for three or four weeks. It does make things more difficult for the Doctors/Midwives to pick up the heartbeat depending on how baby is lying (so don't panic if they do have difficulty) and also on the babies position if they are feeling your tummy. Movement can take a while to become noticeable and it has only been the past week or so my husband has managed to feel the movements from the outside as the placenta acts like a 'cushion' for most of the kicks and punches. If you do get worried though, anterior placenta or not, it is always worth getting checked over. I did earlier in this pregnancy (around 28weeks) because I didn't feel anything - no flutters or kicks at all for about a day and the Doctor sent me up to L&D as he had trouble finding the heartbeat. We had a bit of a panic as four different people tried getting the heartbeat and couldn't find it so the last Doctor to check me pulled in the u/s machine. Baby was kicking away, had the hiccups, had the utter cheek to wave at us after all the panic, but was lying transverse (across stomach) and directly behind the placenta. Go by intuition always. If you aren't sure if something is wrong or not go to the hospital. They would rather you came in to be sent home healthy and well than to find a problem. I was told also to watch for the labours as there was a higher chance of cord compression depending on how the baby was lying and it occurred in my second labour - he went into distress but once he moved and got ready for the delivery all was well and he is now 3. None of the others have caused any problems. Congratulations on your baby!



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