Any Comments At U S No H B But Fetal Pole Was Seen

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Yvonne - October 22

I am so confused, I don't know what to think. All I know is my world is falling apart. I am not real sure of my dates but pretty sure I conceieved Aug15. The doctors seem to think I am 12 weeks. Anyway I went for a doc. appt last thursday, and he couldn't hear the heartbeat, so he did an ultrasound, said he couldn't see anything and had me come in this tuesday for another higher definition scan. There was no heartbeat, but there was a sac with a fetal pole. he told me what to expect as far as a miscarriage, and tols me I could have a d&c , he also said I cold have bloodwork down to have a quantative beta count, I did and thew number was 13848.8 , I have no clue what that means I know it is low, as I should be able 8 wks pregnant I think, butthen again I have no clue. What if they are wrong? I go MOnday for the second quantative beta to see if the numbers have gone down. I just can't give up yet. Has anyone been there or had anything close to this??? My br___t are still tender and I have had no bleeding at all, I know that the hcg level has to go down quite a bit in order for the bleeding to start, does anyone know that number?? Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!!!


val - October 24

Maybe you just aren't as far along as everybody thinks, if they did the first u/s and there wasn't anything there and at the second there was a fetal pole....I would see what your hcg count is now(the number varies from stage to stage and person to person, so it's hard to tell from a number how far along you are), if it's doubling, and I would wait and have another u/s....You could possibly just be really early on in the pregnancy. Good luck!


sm - October 24

yvonne, try not to stress out too much, your beta count of 13,000 seems ok, though the number is not really important, it is only important that it rises. Hcg does not continue to double every 48-72 hours after it reaches 6000, rises slower as the count gets higher. Best thing is to wait and see and not make any decisions re d&c until you have had two more u/s one week apart, if the news is good (u/s dates are notoriously off) it is great, if it is bad news you can just wait for natural m/c or opt for d&c. I have had 4 m/c and glad to have gone natural (even though the waiting is horrible), everytime, repeated d&c's weaken the cervix and you don't know how many are in store for you. I have also had two successful pregnancies so it is not all black.


yvonne - October 25

well the numbers dropped to 10,000 and I started spotting on Saturday so I guess now its a waiting game,. I just don't know what to expect or how long it will last since I have never been through this before. I amd weighing the options on natural or d&c.



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