Anybody With Placenta Previa

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august baby #3 - June 20

i was told at 15 weeks that i had a low lying placenta. this was after 10 weeks of off and on bleeding. i had no other problems after that. at about 28 weeks , they did another scan and the placenta is now completely covering the cervix. they scanned me again last week with the same results. I have had no bleeding but the doctor told me that they will not do a c section until 39 weeks which worries me. my last son was 1 week early and came very quickly (after about 2 hrs of labor). has anyone been told any different? does anyone know how risky a placenta previa is? is it common to bleed before 39 weeks with a placenta previa or is more common to be ok until the c section? any help will be greatly appreciated.


3babies - June 22

Hi, I have had two friends with full placenta previa, but both were scheduled c/s between 37-38 weeks. Both of them had some big bleeds at different stages in their pregnancies I hate to say, but both did deliver healthy babies after periods of bedrest (one friend had 6 or 7 weeks of hospital bedrest and it was her third!). I dont want to scare you but they both had problems with bleeding during delivery and one did end up with a hysterectomy which unfortunately is a risk of placenta previa. I am only saying this because one of her initial doctors was very blase about it (didnt tell her at first so as not to worry her!!!!). It was only after going to a tertiary hospital she fully understood the risks. I hope you have a much smoother path, but I would definitely ask for c/s at 38 weeks, and get them to doc_ment that you requested and they refused if they wont let you. I am having my third c/s just before 38 weeks ... it is considered term after all. Good luck


august baby #3 - June 22

thank you . Since i have an hmo, they are very strict and refused to do a c section before 39 weeks. my dr is also very blase about it and is telling me not to worry and that nothing will happen. I don't mind about a hysterectomy (this is my 3rd), just about having a healthy baby and for me to be healthy. I am going to bug them again and have them note it in my chart just in case. that should scare them enough to do it early. thanks again.



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