Anyone Else Have A Short Cervix

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Jaime B. - October 31

I had a va___al ultrasound done at 24 weeks because of a previa. The previa was gone but she noticed I have a short cervix. It measured at 23mm and I guess it's all due to a cone biopsy that was done around 10 years ago. I go back in two weeks to see if it's getting shorter and if so they'll put me on bed rest. Should I be worried till then?


vmolloy - November 3

Jaime As a serious precaution, don't wait until your next ultrasound to find out that you need to go on bed rest. Do what you can now to limit your activity. Try to avoid house work, and completely eliminate VACUUMING. I am very shocked that your doctor did not suggest already for you to go on bed rest. I have an incompetent cervix and I am always put on bed rest shortly after 13 weeks pregnancy. At 13 weeks they put in a st_tch. I don't want you to panic, but I certainly don't want you to go through a serious preterm labour either. I don't know what your circ_mstances are, but if you can bed rest, bed rest. Lay down as much as possible, drink plenty of water, and limit your activity. If you can, also when you are laying down, hike up your legs to relieve any stress on your cervix. With your history ( a cone biopsy) I am also surprised that your doctor did not immedietly consider this to be an issue. I was on 3 months bed rest last year with my son at McMaster hospital, and met a women who had had cervical cancer and had most of her cervix sc___ped away by the surgeon. She was pregnant and on bed rest until she hit 34 weeks. Bed rest does work, so please if you are able, rest! Also, you might want to consider a cervical cerclage. Ask your doctor about this. Again this will depend on your particular circ_mstances. I am not the doctor....but I have been through alot, and have experience in this area. If you have any further concerns or questions you can post your questions in this forum. This forum will not allow me to post my email address. Virginia


micci - November 4

hi jaime. I agree with vmolloy. im 23 weeks and on bed rest due to shortened cervix(2.5 cm). I have a history of two term babies, the first bedrest from week 32, the second from week 25, and one preeme,with no bedrest ( 32 weeker). all are well and a joy. this time when planning the pregnancy my ob recomended against cerclage as my experience shows i can survive the bedrest plan and avoid cerclage. The cerclage, especialy the week you are at, may irritate the uteres and in turn cause contractions and early labor - so indeed,as vmolloy said - every situation requires a different plan. I would reduce activity and wait on the u/s results because in this process there is no way back and what you do now may crucially influence your future baby's health.



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