Anyone Else Scared Of Problems During After Delivery

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boolie79 - June 23

This is my 3rd pregnancy..and this post will be kinda long so that i can give you a better understanding of me and maybe why i am scared. I am 26 and at the age of 10 i was diagnosed as having a heart murmer. At 20 i became pregnant.. my dr didnt hear a murmer so he sent me for an echocardiogram. I never seen the results of the test he just told me that i was fine. Pregnancy was fine, delivery was fine. 2 yrs later had my son, pregnancy fine.. delivery ok. Then about a year later i went to the hospital with chest pain, turned out to be that i was diagnosed with GERD(acid reflux disease) At the time i was working at a call center where i unfortunately got to experience my first anxiety attack (lucky me) About 6 months later a very close aunt of mine suffered a heart attack... it scared me so i started to check my pulse often and began feeling heart palpitations. (which i had never experienced before my aunts heart attack). I began feeling them more often.. when i was anxious, stressed out, worried, bent over and what not. Well my hubby and i wanted to have another baby so i went to the drs to be sure i would be ok. The dr there ran an echocardiogram and i wore a holter monitor for 24 hrs. After those tests i was diagnosed with mild mild Mitral Valve Prolapse. Now IMO i think they just needed to tell me something. Anyhoo,,now i am 7 and a half months pregnant. I get alot of heart palps but i know that my heart is working harder for the baby. Also i find i get more palps when i have chocolate or caffeine. Well i used to watch this show on sundays called Extreme Makeover Home Edition till the last show scared me. It was about a woman who died a few days after giving birth due to a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung) Ever since that episode i have been petrified of it happening to me, even tho my other two deliveries were just fine. The nurse practioner says it rare but still.. there are usually no symptoms to it so that makes me that much more scared. As for the heart palps.. i am less afraid of them now.. and more annoyed lol. Phew i feel better venting now. Anyone else have fears too?


lovemy3 - June 23

Hi there, I have 3 kids and was worried as well. I had tough pregnancies with preeclampsia. I also get the heart palpitations and after having them checked out have also learned to live with them I have had sections with all my babies and we are now ttc #4 and I have fear occasionally that someythi ng bad will happen as well, like bleeding out during surgery or what you mentioned. I feel as though I am tempting fate and should just be happy with my 3 and call it a day. I know how you feel, but like the nurse said it is rare. I was stressed about the fact that i nwould need need a another section and keep thinking what if I get septis from infection or a blood clot that kills me as these are regular surgery risks. When i look at it realistically, it is rare but those are risks that we have to know if we are willing to take. the probability is that you will be just fine, try and relax, althouigh I know its hard. good luck.



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