Anyone Experience Entire First Trimester Of Spotting

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xMommyto3x - December 5

Ok, so I've been to the ER twice, and my OB once and each time the same results-the spotting occuring is normal. First ER visit, I was only 5 weeks but they saw the gestational sac, everything looked great in there, etc. OB visit, had 2 days worth of HCG level testing, which went from 12,000 to 19,000 in 48 hours, and doctor was not concerned at ALL(although he really wasn't listening to a thing I've said either). Now, went today because I've been spotting everyday for FOUR WEEKS, and they say "NORMAL." What am I supposed to think of this? My mind tells me, there's nothing "normal" about bleeding while pregnant-but the experienced ones are saying there is. So my question is, has anyone experienced long bouts of bleeding and had successful pregnancies? I'm 8 weeks so I am getting more relieved with each day that passes and not extreme bleeding, but the spotting IS troubling! THANKS!!!!


mandylee4christ - December 6

I can totally relate to your concern. I had spotting in my first pregnacy which lead to miscarriage eventually. I was really angry when everyone told me that spotting was "normal" because it wasn't normal for me. I got pregnant again right away thankfully but I have spotted week 5-12 with this pregnancy with a major bleed at 13 weeks. We have heard the heartbeat a week ago and everything seems to be going along fine and unless I hear otherwise - I am a__suming that I am just really sensative to pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different so sometimes spotting isn't normal, sometimes it is. About 30% of women have first trimester bleeding and 50% of those women go on to have healthy babies. I do want to add though that with my first pregnancy I always had a bad feeling about it - and I spotted LESS in that pregnancy then in this one. If your heart is really telling you something isn't right then see if you can get in for another ultrasound. Doctor's really don't know anything when it comes to pregnancy I have discovered. My doctor told me that the spotting was normal too and it turned out to be a miscarriage. So do what you feel is right. You know your body better then anybody. All the best of luck to you, -Amanda



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