Anyone Had Their Baby Flipped

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jaclyn0298 - January 18

I am 35 weeks and my baby is breech! The doctor wants to flip the baby to avoid a possible c-section. I have heard mixed reviews and was wondering if anyone has done it and would or would not recommend it. Thanks


BriannasMummy - January 18

My dd was transverse and breech during my pregnacy. She was transverse all the way up until 10 minutes before she came out. You have more then enough time for that baby to turn. Good luck. ~Kristin~


jaclyn0298 - January 19

thank you so much for writing! that is very encouraging. We are having a little girl and we are naming her breanna!


cindernar - January 19

Jaclyn0298, I've been reading a lot about breech babies because my little boy is breech. Of course, I'm only 29 weeks, so he still has plenty of time to turn, but I'm still concerned. One thing that I read that really made sense is that if you want your baby turned, have them do it when you're at the hospital ready to give birth. The reason is because of the risks with the cord. That way, if something goes wrong, the doc can do an emergency C-section and the baby won't be in any danger. If my son is still breech, I think that's what I'll want my doctor to do.


jaclyn0298 - January 19

I agree with you! I think that I want to try it because I would love the chance to give birth naturally again, and if the end result is a c-section either way, I might as well go for it. I heard it is very painful. What have you heard?


cindernar - January 19

Everything I've read suggests that it does hurt, that some docs even give anesthetics or pain meds or something. But I work with a guy whose wife had a version, and he said that his wife didn't look like she was in pain. Of course, he wasn't the one getting poked and prodded....


jaclyn0298 - January 19

I am definitely nervous about the pain but I have heard that I would rather go through 15 minutes of pain than 2 weeks of c-section recovery. I have a 2 year old that is going to expect me to be normal. That is what I worry about most!!


Tammy276 - January 21

sometimes doctors will administer an epidural for an external version so you don't feel any pain from it..I would suggest doing it at the hospital so that if needed, you could have an emergency c-section. But I have heard that they are very succesfull.



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