Anyone Know Anything About Cystitis

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Missy - June 16

Hey guys. I woke up to the biggest scare of my life this morning. I am currently 6 months pregnant (24 weeks). I woke up at 5:30 this morning to go pee (as we all know about by this point LOL!!) and when I stood up I noticed that in the toilet was bright red blood. I mean RED. Scared the holy bejeebees outta me! I called out to my fiance that I was bleeding and even with the early hour, boy was he moving fast! We got dressed and drove to the hospital in record time. After a urine test (which was again red with blood) a fetal HR monitor and an ultrasound, they determined that the baby was not in any distress. They placed a cathater (sp???) in my bladder (FRIGGIN OWWW!!) and determined that the blood was not coming from my uterus or anything like that, rather it was coming from my kidneys and/or bladder. SOOO they run more tests and rule out bladder infection and kidney infection - there is no bacteria. SOOO they tell me "You have cyst_tis. Your doctor wants you to stop by his office to get a prescription for antibiotics and if you have any contractions or anything else which concerns you or if it doesn't get better, call your doctor or call us back". But I still don't understand - where am I bleeding from and why? I am relieved the baby is OK - I was seriously more scared than I have ever been in my life, and there was never a more glorious sound than her beating heart (which was, BTW, steady in the 140's). Anyone have any insight? I am taking antibiotics for 10 days. Any insight from anyone will help. THANKS!! Oh, yea and just to let you know - there was no burning or increased frequency in my urination....TMI I know, but I thought it might be useful info....THANKS FOR ANY INSIGHT!!


carolyn - June 20

I've had interst_tial cyst_tis since 1997 and am 19 weeks pregnant with my first. For me, it's more of an aggravation or nuisance than anything serious. If you do have IC, you must see a urologist who has treated patients with IC. Then, I would suggest working out which foods aggravate your bladder more. I would also suggest visiting which can also help you with any questions or finding a urologist who treats IC patients. Good luck.



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