Anyone Not See The Heartbeat Until After 7 Weeks

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Kim - July 23

Everything I read says the heartbeat should be seen at 6-7 weeks. 7 weeks and 1 day for me and no heartbeat. Dr. wants to do a D & C. I don't feel confident that it's over yet and I am waiting a week. Please let me know if you didn't see a heartbeat before 7 and weeks and then did see one after. Thanks!!


Chris - July 22

I didnt see my baby's heartbeat until I was almost 9 weeks. I cant believe they would want to terminate a pregnancy without doing another ultra sound. I would get a different doctor.


Rosemary - July 23

Hi hang in there, my girlfriend didn't see her sons'heartbeat until 9weeks 1day. I am having the same problem. Please don't have a D&C, let it happen naturally to be sure you are actually miscarrying. Another friend was told she she had a blighted ovum at 10 weeks and gave birth to a healthy child. Technology still has it's faults if your blood tests still indicate the pregnancy is on track have hope. It is only when these levels fall that indicate things are wrong.


Debbie - August 25

Oh thank you for this post, I went to the Dr at 8weeks and they couldnt find a heartbeat and wants to do a D&C right away the baby he said looked to be 7 & 3/4 weeks so thats just about right on time.. After reading lots and lots of post I am going to wait another 2 weeks and PRAY that there is a heartbeat. BTW he didnt ask me if I wanted another u/s or beta is that normal?


Alicea - August 30

I think some of you need to get new doctors!! We couldn't see the heartbeat at 6 weeks. The doctor said everything would be ok. My next appointment was not until almost 10 weeks but at that time we could see and hear the heartbeat and the baby. Get a second opinion or wait and see if they will do another U/S in a couple weeks. I have already had 2 regular U/S and one v____al at 12 weeks. I have a wonderful doctor who is very concerned about me and the baby. Let us know what you end up finding out. Best of luck to you!


Tia - August 30

Hi Kim,,,, I am in the same situation. Last week 8/24 I had my first u/s,,, I thought I was 8.3weeks but the fetal pole only measured 6.2 weeks, everything was there, except the heartbeat,,,,the dr.told me,there's no hope and I will miscarry,,,, no sign of miscarriage yet, and I am going to see my dr.tomorrow exactly a week later,,,, supposedly to talk about the d&c,,,, never mentioned another ultrasound,,,,, I was told to request one anyways just to make sure,,,, although my Hcg levels did drop some, I'm still keeping hope! Please don't give up, I'm not. Hugs, Tia ~does anyone know what the earliest time you could see the heartbeat?,,, I was told between 7-8weeks,,, some say as early as 4-5weeks Help!



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