Anyone Ovulate Late

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jiffiner - December 1

I was wondering if there was anyone else who ovulates late. I think that I ovulate late (around the 18th or 19th of my 28 day cycle) and that is why my hcg levels are so low. The nurse at the doctors office says that for due date they go by last period and not conception but that would put me off if I ovulate late. Anyone else?


anamariaflorencia - December 18

Hi, I don't know how long ago you posted this...but I ovulate late. I ovulated at day 19th this month and I am 5 weeks pregnant. But I have a normal 14 day luteal phase, which makes my cycles around 33 days long. If you o late and only have a 28 day cycle, that means you only have a 9 day luteal phase...which can make it harder to get pregnant because there is not enough time for the zygote to implant. It does make a difference though as you're baby is almost a week younger than they're saying it is. I would push that again. Do you have any proof that you o late? For instance a chart? Good luck to you.


planklg - December 18

Hi Jiffiner-I ovulated late this month. What are your levels?L


kamivy - December 21

I ovulated day 19 this month, and am pregnant and have been told my hcg level is low, at 190 (20 dpo) Anyone any thoughts or similar experiences?


jiffiner - December 26

With my 1st pregnancy I was on Clomid and I must have ovulated normally because when I took my urine test at home it was (+). With my 2nd the urine test at home was (-) and I had to get blood work. I got pregnant in April and again the urine test was (-) so I had to get blood work. My levels started out so low, I think 13, and the doc said I ovulated late. I ended up miscarrying. Now I am pregnant again. This time I bought an ovulation kit and it said for a 28 day cycle to start on day 11. I did it for 7 days, the last day I did it was day 17 of my cycle. The kit is suppose to show when your LH surges and then 24 hours later you should ovulate. Even on the last day it showed nothing so I know that I ovulated at least after the 18th day of my cycle. The last time the doctor checked my hcg levels they were going up like they should so he said he wasn't going to worry about them even if they are low. Last week I went in for an US. By my LMP I should have been 7w6d but we didn't see a baby or heartbeat. All we saw was a sack and the US measured me at 5w1d. I have to go back next Friday to get another ultrasound and we should see something. Anyone else been this off with due date due to late ovulation.



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