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A - December 8

i am 7 weeks and had a quarter-size blood on my panties yesterday. after that it was transluscent brown spotting when i wiped. now nothing at all. should i be worried? the site of the darker red blood really made me nervous. i dont have any pains, i have some nausea, eating well, tired. any ideas?


Pam - December 9

I'm sorry no one has answered you. I don't know the answer to your question but maybe you should see your doc to put your mind at ease. Your spotting could be implantation maybe? I had a textbook 1st pregancy, a few really bad pains and a lot of bleeding with my second but everything turned out fine. I've just had an early u/s with my 3rd and things aren't looking good I'm afriad but I suppose its best to know. So.. go to your docs asap and get your levels tested and even ask for an u/s if you can. Its best to know. Good luck.


A - December 9

Thank you Pam! Implantation happens before a period is due generally. I'm in my 7th week.. it was very strange but not seen anything since. do you think ectopic pregnancies have this type of bleeding? or is it consistant? My appt isn't for another week. sitting on egg shells over here. Thanks!


wendy - December 9

go to the doctor!!!!!!


Christine - December 10

Usually with an ectopic pregnancy by the 7th week you would have known...lots of woman bleed some in their first trimester, and it is no cause for concern, but you should always call your doc and clue them into what is going on...they probably will do an u/s to see if the placenta is low or something like that...also as far as I've ever heard with ectopic pregnancy the bleeding comes either like pms...or heavier...good luck


Pam - December 10

I hope you are feeling a bit better now. As said by others a little bleeding is fairly common and the fact that you feel well otherwise looks good but as I know from my experiences you will never feel comfortable until you know for sure and see that little peanut on the screen and hear the heartbeat. I'll be at the docs next week to so lets hope we both get the news we hope for. Let me know your due date! Best of luck.


A - December 10

Pam & Christine, Thanks for the positive feedback, it really put my mind at ease. My symptoms are strong and no more signs of any bleeding. Will see the doctor next week - good luck withyou u/s pam!!! post back to me how itr went, i will do the same. Thanks again to the both of you!


Christine - December 13

Good luck to you as well A..and let us know how it goes at the docs...


Pam - December 13

For A and Christine- I wasn't lucky at the doctors and have miscarried. I hope things went better for you. Please let me know. I don't know if I will be back on the message board for a while(too painful at the moment) but if you want to email me you can- [email protected]


Christine - December 13

Pam I am sooo sorry to hear about what you had/have to go through...I can only imagine the pain...Please get better and come back around...good luck


A - December 13

Pam, I am so sorry to hear this news. I wasn't expectingto hear this, I was confident things were ok with you. Scary how pregnancy can just turn like that. You are in my prayers..



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