At How Many Weeks Is It Safe To Breathe Again

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maya2006 - March 20

Hi everyone, i suffered 2 m/c's and now i'm pregnant again. I am now 9-10 weeks and i want to put my mind at ease. The doc saw a hb at 170bpm at 9 weeks. It is safe to say that i won't m/c again? I'm still worried and i don't want to be.


Rhiannon - March 23

I'm terribly sorry but you cannot say with confidence that you won't miscarry again. I really really hope you won't. How far along were your other miscarriages? If you have pa__sed that mark, you can relax a bit, but there are no guarantees with pergnancy. (I lost one at 12 weeks) I am now almost at 16 weeks and I still feel as if it could be taken away any minute.


Rhiannon - March 23

I'm sorry for such a negative answer. Try to relax, and apparently at about 14 weeks your chance of losing it goes way down.


Tammy - March 23

You can lose a baby at any point in a pregnancy but if you have a good heartbeat and have made it to 9 weeks your odds are really good at this point.


kari15 - March 24

hi maya2006....i am REALLY sorry that you had to go through that twice....i can't imagine how you feel.....i'm pretty sure at 9 weeks and with that normal hb you will be safe....Good Luck!


momm4 - March 24

Hi maya2006! Try not to worry, honey. You said the heart rate was 170 at 9 weeks. That's very common. How far along were you with the last m/cs? I am a__suming they occured before 9 weeks. Now, I'm not saying there is no chance of another m/c at all, but I would say that, at this point, your chances are greatly reduced. And, the others are right, after the 12-14 week period, the chances for a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy increase drastically. I know how scared you are, and I know the tremendous stress that goes along with this situation. Try to keep in mind that, as all people are different, so are all pregnancies. Take this one day at a time, and remember that every day that goes by is another step closer to your goal.Best of luck to you!


Jessica - March 26

Your chance of miscarrying is greatly decreased after a heartbeat is detected. However, I had two miscarriages and wasn't comfortable the third time until out of the first trimester (13 weeks).


natalietb - March 26

Hi, i just suffered a miscarriage a few hours ago, and I WAS 10 weeks pregnant. I'd say after the first triemester your out of the woods! Just be cautious


marranie - March 28

You have a great odds of not miscarrying, my miscarriages (3 most recent) were at around 11 weeks but growth had stopped around 6 weeks, so although the miscarriages were late in first trimester they had never progressed to the 8 week development. Currently pregnant, 17 weeks and all is going well. And there is no time you really relax after having more than one miscarriage, just have to take it one day at a time.



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