Baby 12 Week Size No Heartbeat Found On U S

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psalm127:3 - January 12

as br___tfeeding i wasn't sure of dates so dr did u/s to check dates , perfect 12 week size but no heart beat. he wants to do d&c this week. i don't. no bleeding or any signs of anything being wrong. how long if baby has died before something happens. how accurate are u/s anyway?


lunamoo - January 13

DON'T DO A D/C!!! Especially if you have had no signs of a m/c, If you are unsure of your last period, the dates could be wrong. Get a 2nd opinion. Did he do a v____al u/s? I have read that this can happen often that the dates are wrong and the heartbeat is seen later. What the heck is his rush anyway, this is why I do not trust most drs! Let us know what happens, good luck!


lunamoo - January 13

Read this thread: w w w


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

I would wait as well and go back for another u/s in a week and if there is no heartbeat and/or growth I would either suggest to wait another week or schedule a d&c. I hate to say but it is possible your baby pa__sed shortly before the u/s and I hope and pray it didnt and everything is alright. Take care.


CaliTrish - January 15

If you're unsure of the dates, definitely wait. Did he check your hCG levels to show they were no longer doubling? However, around 12-14 weeks is when they naturally start to decrease, so that may not be an effective test for you. I'd recommend going in for another u/s in a week or so. I got the same news just before the holidays; although, I knew I was 7 weeks along. Embryo was too small to measure which meant it had pa__sed weeks prior. Doc guessed around 4 weeks. I had no symptoms, so we decided to wait till after the holidays. I'm at 11 weeks now and just started spotting Sunday night. So, it can take quite a while before your body naturally expels the fetus. I'm going ahead with a D&C tomorrow. We confirmed that my hCG levels continued to fall, and we are ready to move on. Do what you are comfortable with. Don't let your doc rush you into a decision you're not comfortable. Good luck.


singzprayz - January 16

How do you know if the heart stops? I heard the heartbeat at five weeks, and Im not bleeding, or anything. I do feel my ovaries like I did when I ovulated, just round the time my period should start. I keep hearting about this stopping heartbeat and it scares me. I do have an apt. on the 23rd, Im just very overhwhelmed with this, I guess Im nervous, had an etopic last time, but this time the numbers were great, and since Im over 40 they did a v____al ultra sound and we say the baby and the heartbeat, but lately Ive run into alot of women who have had "this" sort of thing happen and now Im scared to death. Im so glad that these forums exist. Praying for you lunamoo



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