Baby Approximately 2 2 1 2 Lbs 35 Weeks

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arlee - May 3

My daughter was told that her baby isn't getting enough nourishment. she is being carefully monitored, through ultrasounds, dopplers, etc. What usually happens in a case like this


monica - May 4

Is your daugher eating? I saw a story on something similiar to this on the health channel. The baby had stop growing and wasnt getting nutrients. They had to induce the mom and the baby came out healthy just smaller. She was about 4 weeks behind in measurements.


Teri - May 5

I'm in a similar situation...I'm 30 weeks pregnant and the baby is two weeks behind growth wise. My doctor said starting next week hes going to put me on fetal monitors and everything else but my question is, is it something i did or didn't do? I'm eating like i'm supposed to maybe more at times and i'm taking my vitamins...I just feel like it's my fault. This didn't happen with my son and I've been more careful and listened better with this pregnancy. Any suggestions?


d.ashly - May 25

i gave birth to my daughter at 35 weeks. i had already gained 20 lbs and we thought she was at normal weight but came out to be 3 lbs 10 oz. she is now fine, she 10 months and 20 lbs! she is terminall ill and i was high risk cuz she wasnt suppose to make it, said the doctors... but she did ok. she was in the nicu for 20 days cuz she was so small and had problems holding her temp but did better as she put on weight. she was let out of all childrens hosp weighing 4 lbs 10 oz


To D.Ashly - May 27

What is your baby terminally ill from? I was just curious because I have a friend with a terminally ill child and was curious to what could cause some terminal illnesses and how long the child is told they may live....


Teri - May 27

I posted about my daughter's baby not getting enough nourishment. The doctor told us it wasn't anything that she did or did not do. She ate properly and with good nutrition. She delivered her daughter by C-section on May 17/05. The baby weighed less than 3 pounds, but was fully developed at almost 36 weeks. The doctor wanted to take out the baby while she was still healthy. It seems that the baby wasn't getting enough nourishment from the placenta and there wasn't enough fluid. So, to be cautious, they delivered her earlier. She will be in the NICU until she gains weight. My daughter pumps her b___st milk and the baby takes it from the bottle. Also, she has a small feeding tube, through which they put in the b___st milk. They give her a bottle and my daughter does it also, only a few times a day because they don't want the baby to use too much of her energy sucking. She is small, but oh so sweet! How much does your doctor think your baby weighs now? As long as they are watching you, everything will be fine. My daughter was going for ultrasounds and dopplers twice a week towards the end.



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