Baby Has No Kidneys

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sad_cousin29 - April 5

my cousin went to a doctor today and found out that her baby doesn't have any kidney's or enough aminoitic fluid for the baby to live after pregnancy or even to make it through the pregnancy is there something that someone can do to help my cousin out in any way?


3babies - April 5

That is so terribly sad. I'm sorry, cant offer anything other than sympathy....


lindsay - April 6

it breaks my heart to hear something so terrible... the only thing i can offer up is that doctor's are wrong sometimes... i personally know a girl who when her mom was pregnant w/ her was URGED to abort because this baby had no brain! well, guess what? she was as healthy as any baby with a fully normal functioning brain!! thank God her mom refused this... you never know and i truly believe it is God's will... i kno wthat does not make it better, and i don't even know what , if any faith you or your cousin have... but it is in God's hands whether this baby lives or dies, and when this will or will not happen is up to Him...all i can do is pray for you and your family...i'm so sorry...but God does have a plan, wheteher we understand it or not, or see it or not...


spoonfulofsugar - April 6

I agree with lindsay. I had a friend and they told her that her baby had downs. She was prepared through the pregnancy to love and support her new baby. When he was was perfectly healty and did not have downs syndrome. Nobody's perfect, not even the doctors.


mcatherine - April 6

I lost my son in 2003 due to this condition. It is called bilateral renal agenesis or Potters Syndrome. sad_cousin29, I hate to tell you this, but this is a fatal condition. There has never been a case doc_mented in the world where an infant has survived. Trust me, I have spent years looking. The first obvious sign is no amniotic fluid - and then they search for kidneys. I wouldn't trust that someone has made a mistake with a lethal diagnosis and as sad as it is, help your cousin prepare for the worst. They say this is a rare condition 1 out of every 4500 births, affecting mainly boys, but you would be surprised to find how many people this happens too. There is no known cause. There is a website that is very helpful with information and the ladies that run it have all lost children to this condition. There is not a lot of information on this on the internet, so it makes it scary. Visit this site and I promise it can and will answer most of your questions. The only positive thing I am able to say to you is that BRA is sporadic in 97% of cases, meaning that there is so much hope for your cousin to go on to have a healthy baby. Not that it will make a difference for her at this time, because one child can never replace another. I am so deeply, deeply sorry for your cousin and her child.



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