Baby Measuring SMALL For Dates

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lunamoo - November 17

Has anyone had any ultrasounds that showed that your baby was measuring small for dates...? I was told that my baby was measuring about 2 weeks behind. Can babies catch up in utero?


Zinnia - November 17

Hi, I just posted here too. I had an u/s today at 21 weeks and was told that just the head measured small, but still with in the norm. All other biometric measurements were normal but just a bit smaller than that average. All the organs were fine as was blood flow with placenta. I was told not to worry (that's what they all say) but of course I do. I need to come back in 10 days for a checkup...


Mommy_to_be - November 17

Ultrasound measurements and fundal height measurements can be 2 weeks off in either direction. My friend was induced because they estimated the baby to weigh over 9 lbs based on US...when her daughter was born she weighed in at a little over 7lbs. Babies also grow in spurts like children do. Next week you could possibly be measuring a week ahead of schedule! Just make sure you are eating well, staying hydrated, avoiding caffeine/cigarettes/alcohol/etc, and gaining the appropriate amount of weight. Good luck!


amandajoanne - November 18

Hi, I just got the news yesterday that my baby was a 1 1/2wks behind in growth as was the heart beat, i too amd very nervous as i am meant to only be 71/2 wks pregnant, i am not sure if anyone else has been in this situation before but im sure someone has and has some good news i hope - very scary


jenprice - November 19

At 29 weeks 5 days, I was told that my baby measured 2 weeks behind and was approximately 2lb 11oz. I am not worried about this, since not everyone can be average. I was told that this is the 30th percentile- so 3/10 babies are this small or smaller at this stage. Also, I was born small (5 lb 12 oz at birth) and so were most babies in my family. Also, the measurements can be inaccurate, and your exact due date could be too unless you know when you ovulated.


pantboyandpig - November 28

My baby was born at 39 weeks after induction because she was small for dates and weighed 4lb around the weight of a 34 weeker. she has had loads of genetic tests and was monitored by the hospital for over a year because she wasnt in the normal ranges on her charts but eventually 4 years on the doctors have turned around and said "shes fine she is just small" something that i have said and felt right from that first scan. So my advice try not to worry



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