Baby Measuring Smaller Than What It Should

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Ashleyann - November 19

Going by my LMP my due date would be March 3rd I should be about 25 weeks now .. but on my ultrasound the ultrasound tech has given me a due date of March 16 ...about 2 weeks behind what my original due date was....I find this hard to believe because Im pretty certain on my conception date and March 3rd matches up with it . Is it possible that maybe the baby is just small and that my due date is March 3rd ??


Tory1980 - November 19

After 13 weeks babies grow at vastly different rates which is why our Doctors refuse to change the due date and why they insist on having scans done around the 12th week unless you are certain on when you conceived. I wouldn;t change your date if you are sure on LMP/conception. You may find at a later scan the baby will be three weeks ahead so for now I wouldn't worry. The measurements only go by averages so if your baby is a little smaller at the minute it isn't a real problem. If he/she continuously measures small for the rest of the pregnancy it could be a sign of possible problems with it not getting enough nourishment but this is rare. Some people just carry small or big babies.


Gemini_Girl - November 19

Hi, I also had this problem, my due date was 26th Jan based on my LMP which Im sure of, it was then changed to the 7th Feb based on the baby's size at my 12wk scan (apparently they always go with the u/s and will change due date if its a week out either way) I was a bit disappointed that I wasnt as far on as I thought, anyways at my 20wk scan, the baby was measuring almost exact to their dates so I was thinking they must have been right after all, but at my last appointment 24wks my cervix was measuring 26, therfore 2 weeks ahead, so maybe the baby has caught up now - but who knows the due date is just an estimate and they will have both dates in your notes to refer to!


Franny - November 21

When did you have your first u/s done. you should go by that due date and not one they give you later.....



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