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Ivy - September 7

Im going on 21 weeks and my baby still don't move Im worried!!!!!!! What do I do??anybody !!!!!


Brachah - September 7

This is my THIRD viable pregnancy, and I did not feel our baby move until the 24+ week. Don't panic yet. Relax and enjoy.


Ivy - September 9

Thank You Brachah for your response!!


Dear Ivy - September 11

You could also have thick uterine walls that make it harder for you to feel the baby.


Brachah - September 13

You're welcome. Any movement yet?


Rebecca - September 13

Hi Ivy. I didn't start to feel my baby move until about 19 1/2 weeks. I had an u/s at that time and the lady said that I was only just coming into the time when i would start to feel things! It started as little fluttery movements. I am now 24 weeks and feel the baby kicking very strongly every day, I can even see my stomach moving. Don't worry, I'm sure it won't be long before you'll feel something! Good luck.


Ivy - September 13

Hi! Brachah, Rebecca.. Im 21 weeks now but no movement yet ........


to Ivy - September 13

Is this your first pregnancy? It's harder during your first pregnancy to feel the baby move when you are not very far along. It's just because you don't know what to look for. You might feel something like b___terflies, and can't decide if it is your tummy rumbling or the baby. Later on, it should feel like gas bubbles. Then, as the baby gets bigger and stronger, you will feel your baby "swinging from your ribcage" which is how I remember my little girl when I was about 26 weeks or so. Every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different. If you are recieving prenatal care, and you physician, midwife, etc. are hearing the baby's heartbeat, and they aren't telling you its time to worry, I wouldn't worry about it. Just relax. The position that worked for me the best is lying on my back with my arms above my head so that my stomach got really stretched the long way. Try putting headphones on your tummy and playing some upbeat music to get your baby moving. I know you are laughing, but it works. Babies hear very well at 21 weeks, and they are already learning a lot about their surroundings. My daughter to this day (she is 19 months old) cannot sit still if she hears a song she likes. She dances and dances until she is dizzy and falls over. Enjoy this time, it is magical.


Tina - September 19

I am now 21 weeks and just started to feel flutters. This is my first baby and I was slightly worried cuz I never felt anything.. but hey it all comes in good time. I will probably start worrying now cuz all I feel is flutters and no kicks. I think we are all a little bit impatient thats all. Good luck all x


To Tina - September 24

Great that you are feeling fluttering!! Remember that at 21 weeks, your baby is only about 7-8 inches long, and not very strong yet. Soon those flutters will turn into "gas bubbles" and then your baby will feel like he/she is swinging from your ribcage!!!


Ann - October 4

I am 21 weeks and fell yesterday. i called the doctor but I am now worried.


Ashley - October 12

This is my first pregnancy as well. I'm 20 weeks and I've felt little flutters for about 2 weeks. Last week though the flutters were really strong, I couldn't beleive how amazing it was. But this week I haven't even felt flutters at all and last night I was having pains in my left side it felt like really strong cramps as if I am coming on my period is this normal? I've been told the baby can sleep but it's been a week since I felt anything. I'm scared.


Tina - October 12

to Ashley - this happened to me, really strong flutters then nothing but the baby has probably moved around that much at first, now its sleeping and your feeling the pain of where it settled I guess - you must get this checked out though because worrying is just adding to the stress of being pregnant. Good luck x


Ashley - October 12

Hey guys good news I went for my ultra sound today at 12 and they said that the baby is completely healthy. They actually also said that the pain i've been having is probably just gas bubbles and that what I thought were kicks probably aren't. So i dunno that kinda sucks because I thought i felt some kicks but he said that the baby is 10" and I'm only 19weeks and 4 days. Is that kinda big for a baby at this stage? I'm scared I hope it isn't going to be to big LOL.



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