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jen327 - February 5

Hi - I am 14 weeks pregnant today and have a subchorionic hematoma. I have been on bed rest for 2 weeks now and my next appt to possibly get cleared is Feb 19th. I realized today that my regular forum for people due in Aug is not the best place to ask questions or complain about bed rest. To most people it seems like a dream come true. Having your spouse wait on you, being bored just getting cabin fever. So I thought I would start a place maybe other people sitting at home in bed during pregnancy could just chat. I know for me so far this has not been the most easy pregnancy nor has it been something I feel I can get excited about. I keep hoping SOON I will feel relief and can finally get excited, but so far, the day never comes. Anyway, there may not be that many people out there, but I thought I would try. If you are there...WELCOME!


JuJu - February 5

jen327; I am not on bedrest, but I am on restricted activity/pelvic rest, due to a marginal placenta praevia. I have to make time everyday to lie down or rest - which is not easy with a 2yr old! I can't imagine how difficult total bedrest must be - and I hope you get the all clear on the 19th. I have also had a subchorionic haematoma before (not with this pregnancy) when I was pregnant with my 2 yr old - it was a scary experience but it all worked out well. I wasn't on total bedrest, but I did have to take things very easy for several weeks, and I just made sure that I didn't overdo things physically through bthe rest of the pregnancy. Anyway, hope you find lots of interesting/entertaining things to do over the next couple of weeks and good luck! JuJu


PrincessesMom - February 5

I have been on bedrest for about 6 weeks now and have about 3 to go. I feel your pain! I'll write you after my OB appt. tommorow when I have more time. I have little ones running around getting ready for bed right now.


jen327 - February 6

I have to say, while bed rest does suck. My DH and I have really gotten so much closer. He really sees how hard I work during the day with a full time job and a full time house, and it really has given him a new respect for me. He always has respected me, but think now he really sees what a great team we are. It totally sucks having to ask for help though, I am not that kind of person. YUCK hate it. It has been a humbling experience.


PrincessesMom - February 7

I have a lot of issues that put me at extremely high risk for preterm labor. Christmas Eve Day I was put on really strict bed rest. They sent a hospital bed to my house so that I could be on an incline to keep my feet and hips above my chest. I am only allowed to sit to eat, I can walk to the bathroom, and take a bath/ shower daily. I've been sick since being put on bed rest as well. The position I'm laying in doesn't seem to allow me to get it out of my system. Luckily, I have a really sympathetic husband. However, his mom is staying with us to help out and she is the one taking care of everything. He does less now than he did before I was put on bed rest, so I'm not getting that type of respect. I have 3 girls already, 9, 7, and 2. It has been really hard for me to lay back and let them turn to someone else with their needs. I cried a lot the 1st couple of weeks. I am on the countdown now. I have 20 days until I am allowed to get up. It is really good to feel like there will eventually be an end to this!


jen327 - February 7

Wow Prinesses, that sounds awful. I am looking foward to my u/s on the 19th and am hoping i am cleared to at least go back to work. My DH is great, he has been taking on the world. My mom comes to help and it is hard to ask for help. I am allowed to get up and make lunch for myself and go to the bathroom and shower. But other then that I lay in bed, I keep my legs elevated alot too. I am only 14 weeks so I am hoping that this is not a sign of a long long road. I think the worst part is I can't get excited about this pregnancy at all. I want to but just keep waiting for the next big problem to come around the corner.


PrincessesMom - February 8

I know what you mean about having a hard time getting excited. This will be my 4th baby, but I lost one right before this pregnancy. We had told everyone, including my girls, at 2 weeks when we found out and then at 10 weeks I had to have a DNC because the baby had quit developing. We had 2 months of being excited, planning, and dreaming of what our family would be was really hard. This pregnancy we kept a secret until the end of the 1st trimester and I spent most of that time wanting to believe that all would be ok, but afraid to put myself through the same pain that I went through before. I really don't know anything about your condition, but from what I've read in general it is pretty rare to loose a baby once you reach your 2nd trimester. I believe that if you start planning and are excited and positive, things are a little more likely to go your way. Even with all of the saddness, I'm glad that our Angel Baby was a part of our family even if it was for a little while. He/She was our baby and deserved to be loved and remembered and missed even if he/she never got to be born. Maybe you could occupy yourself during bed rest by crocheting a blanket to bring the baby home in. This is my 3rd pregnancy on bed rest and it has become part of my nesting I guess. I always pick out a pattern and yarn as soon as I know if I'm having a girl or a boy and have it waiting to occupy me once I am stuck in bed. You could make yours a neutral color, or make the bulk of it white and then add a pink or blue edging later. I love having a special keepsake to bring each of my little bundles home in. I think it might help you get excited and feel like it is more real too.



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