Been Trying For 11 Months

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JJM - November 6

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 11 months now. We use the fertility monitor each month to watch for my ovulation. I am in my late 20's and he is in his early 40's. I am looking for any tips or advise.


Lnngirl - November 7

I am in my early 40 and just got pregnant. I been trying for 6 years but nothing work , even try IVF and Fertility clomid but nothing work I was going to give up, and decided to go on vacation to relax this December. My friend who have the same situation as i do, then suddenly she got pregnant. She gave me advice and now i got pregnant. Her advice is to Prenatal every morning and before bedtime take 1 capsule of PROMETRIUM 100MG which call Progesterone capsules. Important if you are aggergic to peanut dont take this pill. and for the husband he must take two pill from two different supplement. 1 is call essentials multimineral plus, the 2nd is call essential Mega Antioxidant (both these vitamin help the husband to produce healthy strong sperm). These vitamin is not sold in store, got to the website of to order them. He must take one from each bottle of Vitamin every morning after his breakfast. and that how i got pregnant.


kamivy - November 7

I've been ttc 11 months too. Next step for us is to get my dh's sperm a___lysed, I've been seeing a ob/gyn and have had my tests done. I'm currently on prescribed clomid for PCOS. Now is probably a good time to see a fertility specialist if you havn't already. They can test you both for any potential probs, and suggest your next steps. P.S You need to see your doctor before taking something like Prometrium/Progesterone, it's a hormone not a vitamin and can seriously screw with your body if it's not needed - it's only of benefit to those with a progesterone deficiency during their luteal phase. It also can't be taken until after you ovulate, taking it without doctors advice could lead to problems. I'm sure you prob know all that anyway, but just thought i'd mention it. Hope you get your bfp soon!



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