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Charlotte - August 11

I have just found out that I am 3 - 4 weeks pregnant, and I am bleeding a little. Is this a problem?


amber - June 11

i have been bleeding some too. i had a toilet full of fresh blood and rushed to the ER. they checked to see if my cervix was closed, and did an ultrasound, finding my baby alive and healthy, i am 2 months to this day along. The ER Dr told me at any time there is bleeding they call it a threatened miscarriage. bleeding is common in the 1st trimester, 20% i believe it is of all pregnancies get bleeding. A lil over half of those continue to be full term, normal pregnancies. I personally was told that all looked fine, and that i am not likely to have a miscarriage, The best i can say for you, is to take it easy, put it in Gods hands, if the bleeding gets heavy, or continues, see a DR right away. Best of luck to you and best wishes in your pregnancy!


Erica - June 16

Bleeding can sometimes be normal in pregnancy, I would become worried if your bleeding is heavy enough to soak up a pad and is accomanied by cramping, and if u notice any type of tissue being pa__sed, I would see the Dr. right away. If u are bleeding or spotting and thats it, I wouldnt be too alarmed, but I would still call or make a visit to the Dr. just to get it checked out, it could be other things, good luck :-)


Valerae - June 20

I think i am pregant and i was not sure if that is a problem. I hear that it isnt so i suppose it's ok.


brandy - June 30

well i dont know what to say really i am in the same boat bleeding but hopefully i will be o tay. good luck to all of you and be careful!


ann - July 1

I am Five days late for my period. And my periods are always right on time. Now I am having some light bleeding. what does this mean?


sarah - July 5

bleeding is sometimes normal . a friend of mine had her periods for six months and didnt know she was pregnant till then so just take it easy. i have had one miscarraige and am now pregnant agai. i have had some bleeding . but brown mucus like stuff is coming out at the end of my visit to the ladies. not much but i dont know whats going on.


Lisa - July 12

I am also bleeding some dark blood whenever I use the washroom. My levels are still rising, but we weren't able to see the fetus last week (at 5 weeks). We have another today-cross your fingers. This bleeding can be scary, can't it? Too bad the Dr's don't tell you that there are SO many other reasons than a miscarriage to bleed.... I hope today finds you and your babies healthy, everyone!


Lisa - August 4

I took 2 preganancy test at home that came out positive. The next day I began to bleed lightly. I took another pregnancy test that was positive too. I called the doctor because the bleeding was troublesome to me. My first pregnancy was fine no bleeding. The doctor told me to come in that evening. They gave me a pregnancy test it came out negatives I need to go in for a blood test that is a more accurate measurement. Should I bother. I also took another prgenancy test that came out negative the same evening. I did not pa__s any tissue and I have had cramping but nothing very painful? This all took place on Monday and it is now Wednesday. I have an appointment tomorrow for a blood test. I am still bleeding lightly. I think the negative test is my answer. Please let me know if anyone has had a familiar experience. Thanks


dawn - August 4

The same thing is happening to me right now. I took a pregnancy test at home yesterday, it was positive. Today, I am bleeding. I'm going to get a blood test today to resolve this. It's so confusing.


Roisin - August 5

I am now in the sixth week after IVF treatment. Some bleeding but very dark and not a lot. Scan yeterday showed two embryonic sacs (twins !!) but one looks less healthy than the other. One possible reason for bleeding given by the Dr. is that one twil may be in the process of miscarry. Blood test yesterday and another tomorrow will show if hcg levels are still rising. Please God all will be OK


Susan - August 11

It may or may not be .. .The only way to tell is to get a blood test----- Even if you miscarriage, a pregnancy test could still show positive in the first few taking a blood test is the only sure way to know... (I'm going through this right now...awaiting results...uuuugh! so frustrating...) Doc says 50-50... Anyway, good luck!


Jen - September 14

i got my period August 12 and i was suppose to get it the 16.... fine i no it came early.. but ive been bleeding for two days now light not heavy at all can i be pregnant?? please someone help me fimd my answer


Shyleen - September 14

I was supposed to get my period on the 1st od Septmeber. I finally started on the 12th. I am usually on time every 28 days. I took 3 Pregancy test all came out negative. I have had the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Nausea, hungry, and white discharge. Is there any way I could still be pregnant.


monique - September 14

I have the same problem, but heavier. I think you will be alright. I am 17 days early on my cycle, but feel pregnant. I took a pg test and it was neg, those things don't work half the time. We all need to pray for each other. I'm praying!!


Lara Walley - September 23

i have been to the doctor and i have had an Ultra sound and it says i'm 5 weeks pregnant, But i am discharging Blood from my virgina. Help me


Jessica - January 31

I bled during my pregnancy and my son was fine, but if you feel worried you should consult a doctor!



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