Bleeding And Abdominal Pain At 14 Weeks

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Burke05 - March 22

I have been bleeding/spotting since 13 weeks accompanied by abdominal pain. It feels as though my insides are going to fall out when I stand up (sorry for TMI). Bloodwork and ultrasound in ER last weekend indicated baby was fine. Fetal heart rate is around 167 last week and again yesterday. Still bleeding, brownish red now but having abdominal pain..almost feels like gas but won't go away. Doc says I am okay but I do not feel okay. Help!


clindholm - March 22

Can you put yourself on bedrest? They told me at 14 weeks that the risk of m/c is like 80% less. Did they tell you what was causing your pain?


CgGirl - March 22

If the u/s showed everything is fine, then it is. I totally understand your worry though; we were ttc for 4 years and I am now 33 weeks pregnant. I was SO CONVINCED that something was going to go wrong that I had panick attacks whenever I was feeling the slightest litlle discomfort for the first 12 weeks. What I personally regret, is that I should have rented a fetal doppler to calm me down. Now that I feel my baby move everyday, I'm fine, but it took me a long time to feel her move. I'm just saying, try to find something that comforts you and that stops that little voice telling you something is wrong. And if it means you go again to the ER to get re-a__sured, then do it!


Burke05 - March 22

No, they didn't tell me what was causing the pain. Both the ER doc and by OB said they couldn't explain it, just that it happens and for now all is well with the baby. Their diagnosis was threatened miscarriage. I've got a 19mo old and an 11yr old and have never had this problem before, so not sure what to think. I've come to terms with the bleeding, I suppose if the docs a__sure me that all is well then I should a bit at ease but this abdominal pain won't go away...not really cramping, just extreme abdominal pain. Thanks to you both for your comments, every little bit of rea__surance helps.



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