Bleeding And Little Clots And Very Scared

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krystyne - May 31

hi i just found out two days ago that i am preg and i took 3 tests that came out pos. but now i am having brown discharge when i wipe and sometimes some little dark brown clotts. and when i went to the restroom today there was dark brown blood. i go to the doctor tomorrow but i am still scared. can someone help me!!!


ladyskid84 - May 31

Im not trying to scare you, but that happend to me a couple of years ago and I ended up having a miscarriage. I had a brown discharge for a couple of days then it stopped then I started cramping and bleeding really bad. I ended up losing the baby, but I have also heard of people having a brown discharge and everything being okay. But let me know what ur doctor says :-). Hopefully every thing will be okay.


lucy206 - June 1

krystyne - what did the doctor end up saying? I am having a similiar situation.


krystyne - June 1

well i went to the doctor today to see how far along i am and to see about the bleeding. well they did a pelvic ultra and they said they saw something in the utarus but it was to small to tell and that i am either very early in my pregnancy or something else. they said that i shouldnt worry about the bleeding as long as it is not flowing and not bright red. but now i am scared because the blood has turned bright red but it isnt flowing just a few drops here and there but i am sooo scared. they did blood work and said they are going to call me tomorrow. but i am so mad because they arent telling me anything. should i be worried. somebody please help me. but they did say they saw something on the inside my uterus attached to the wall but it is small. somebody please help!!


kades_momma - June 1

krystyne-I don't want to scare you, but the exact same thing happened to me. I had taken a test at home and it said positive. went to the doctor a week later, they said things looked good, and I was 8 wks pregnant. 3 days later I started bleeding light brown, then it turned into small clots, then to red. This would have been my second child if thing would have went ok. I am 24 years old. Do you have any previous children? Things could still be ok though. My friend had normal periods the whole 8 months. One of the things they told me that when the embryo attaches to the uterus that it can cause bleeding. Just remember..And I know this probably won't help, cause it diddn't help me . It happens for a reason, because something wasn't going to be right. You need to try to stay level headed cause if you keep telling yourself your having a miscarriage, you can make your body think you are and it will happen, even if your not have one. Kinda weird, but I was told that also. Well.. stay in touch, if you want to email me it is -Kari-


krystyne - June 2

well last night i had horrible cramps all night and everytime i went to the bathroom there was a lot of bright red blood and lots of small and huge blood clots and it is still happening today so i am pretty sure i am having a miscarriage!! no i just turned 18 and have no other kids.


kee - June 12

there is such a thing as implantation bleeding. there is no way to tell anything without an ultrsound. you need to be monitored sooner than later. good luck.


Prisoner_of_Hope - June 13

((((Krystyne)))) Hugs!


Elenaz30 - June 15

I am eight weeks pregnant and at about five weeks I started spotting brown blood and having cramps. Later that night the cramps got VERY bad and I started bleeding heavy red blood with large blood clots. That morning I continued bleeding but then started pa__sing pink tissue matter as well. I thought for sure I had miscarried. I went to the doctor later that day and had an ultrasound done. Suprisingly, the doctor could still see the embryo and egg sac. They could not explain the bleeding and just put me on bed rest. I went in a week later at six weeks and the embryo was still their, it had grown and was still in place. The heartbeat was low at 97 bpm. A few days later I started bleeding again. They had me come in an do another ultrasound. The baby was still there but the heartbeat had dropped to 74 bpm. This is a sign that I could miscarry so I have been on bedrest. Everything so far has been good, but tonight I started bleeding again. Bright red blood with small clots, no cramping. I go in tomorrow for my eight week appointment. I hope everything turns out well. We did IVF and we do not have any embryos left.



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