Bleeding And Mild Cramps

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Mandy - February 17

I started lightly bleeding yesterday morning when I woke up. At the time I felt fine but was a little worried since I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. I called the doctors office and with my history they wanted to see me this morning. The bleeding got heavier as the night progressed. It turned from light brownish red to bright red and dark red. I also started having cramps, but not severe ones. I just feel like I'm on my period. Anyhow, I went to the doctor's office expecting the worst and she did an va___al ultra sound. The sac was there and a small black dot (which is suppose to be the baby) was also seen. However she said the embryo didn't look like it was in the right spot. She explained that they like to see the embryo in the lower end of the sac, not higher up where mine was. Also she took a measurement of the lining of the sac, and she said it wasn't as thick as she liked it. Based on these findings and the fact that I was bleeding, she said I probably only had a 25% chance of keeping the pregnancy. They did blood work to show more results but I won't have them until tomorrow. So for now, I have to sit and wait. My first pregnancy (which I have a healthy 2 1/2 year old daughter) I also bled heavily at around 12 weeks. I thought I was miscarrying then, but I found out I had a sensitive cervix and that the placenta didn't attach correctly to my uterus and was causing the bleeding. The problem eventually corrected itself. I hope I don't lose this baby, but it seems the odds are against me. Has anybody experienced this before?


sheree - March 26

my case is like yours only im 16 and its my first pregnancy, same as you im 5 1/2 weeks pregnant bleeding for last few days and only just not the bleeding is going away thank god. the cramping that i have is less than period pain. i havent been too the doctors yet because of easter and anyway i hope we both get to keep our babies and that they are both healthy. good luck ill see what the doctors say


Heather - March 26

Mandy - I had a similar experience. I started spotting on a Thursday night... By Friday morning it was red and getting heavier. I was 9 weeks pg. I called the dr at 5:30am and they told me the previous week's u/s didn't look good & that's why they’d wanted me in the following Friday (which was that day). They got me in earlier than my scheduled appointment. At the dr's office in the bathroom I pa__sed a bunch of clots and started full on bleeding. They did the u/s anyway. I had a blighted ovum. The next day I pa__sed the sac and tissue. Was very painful physically & emotionally. DH was wonderful through it. I truly hope you & baby are ok & that you have support. Please keep me posted on the results. Praying for you.


judy - March 26

my period was due 03-25-05, i took a pregnancy test on 03-23-05 which was negative, later that day i began seeing a pink colored blood, i thought i was having a period but was unsure, today is saturday and im still seeing the pink blood nothing on the pad only after i urinate and wipe i see the blood but it is not leaking out, i just brought another pregnancy test but im so afraid to take it. do u think this could really be a period even though im not bleeding or can i be pregnant


Jan - March 29

Mandy and Sheree, your cases sounds so similar to mine! I'm also 5 1/2 weeks but have just had 2 weeks of bleeding (just like a period) and I also had cramps. I panicked and went to the hospital where they did blood tests and an ultrasound and so far, apparently everything is OK. I have to go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound to see if they can locate a heartbeat - so it's going to be a very tense 2 weeks. All the very best to you both.



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