Bleeding And Scared

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Misty - January 12

I think I'm losing my baby. I'm 6 weeks, I started bleeding 2 days ago and this morning I bled a lot but no clots. Has this ever happened to anyone and you didn't lose the baby. Please help.


Annie - January 12

I'm eight weeks and I had bleeding 2 weeks ago and I am still having some dark brown spotting. I went to the doctors yesterday & it seems everything is going as planned eventhough I'm freaking out. When do you go to the doc's again?


Misty - January 12

Thank you for replying Annie, sadly I lot my baby. I wasn't having dark brown spotting though which is supposed to be a good thing. Mine was bright red. I wish you lots of luck, and pray that everything goes well for you.


Annie - January 12

Misty, I am so sorry. This is such a scary thing. Keep your spirits up as much as you can. Feel free to e-mail me if you ever need to talk. Annie [email protected]


steph - January 22

sweeite, dont worry. I heard that when you first conceive it is possible for a little bleeding to occur. just think positively. I am 36 weeks and i bled a week or so ago and a few times before and my baby is doing great. Good luck


sherri - January 22

Well I dont have an answer but kinda know what your going thru. I went to a clinic when I lived in Tx. I was told I was pregnant according to them about 5 weeks. Well unfortunately my b/f and I split up and I had to move back to Louisiana. Mind you I had 5 different kind of home pregnancy test done at home. They all said positive. Well here in Louisiana I went to a clinic and their test came back negative I was so shocked. So they told me to go to the hospital to have blood test done or a possible u/s done. I had blood test done it came back very weak positive. The Dr said well lets do a urine test I did and it read negative. So he said I want you to come back in the morning to have a first urine test done. So I did, the test came back very weak positive. The Dr wanted me to come back in 7 to 10 days to have a blood test done again. Over the time waiting to go back to the Dr I had what seem to be a period. Mind you the periods I have each month is very heavy and thats what it felt like. No blood clots nothing out of the ordinary. Well I went back to the Dr and had blood test done it said that my hormone level was 8 he said if I was not pregnant it would be below a 5 so either I am having an miscarriage or I am in early stages of pregnancy. So I dont really know any thing now. I was told still go on acting like I am pregnant do all things that a pregnant woman should, And he wants to see me back in 2 weeks to have another blood test done. I am so stressed about this. I just want some answers. If anyone can relate please let me know. Thanks


shelley - January 23

i have been bleeding on and off for almost 2 weeks been for a scan and been told the baby as strong heartbeat???


amanda - January 24

i dont really have an answer for you but im going through the same thing i am 6weeks pregnant and started bleeding i have a ultra sound in the morning lets see what happens.


Cindy - January 25

I don't have an answer either I am in the same situation I have been bleeding for a week now and do not know why, I have no pains had an ultrasound 3 days ago showed heartbeat so they said so far so good but i am wondering too if everything really is ok?


Margaret - January 26

Misty, You are truly helping me and a lot of other moms in our situation. I am a 37 year old mother to three other kids but I was still so psyched to be 6-7 weeks pregnant but then I began bleeding red blood. I went for my sonogram and they can only see the gest. sak but no embryo or needless to say, heartbeat. Keep up your faith and thanks for writing.


Concerned - January 28

my wife is into her 11th week and just experienced some bleeding...:( me d__n worried, will be going for a scan tomorrow.


Kristy571 - January 28

I am 8 weeks pregnant. Now, this is my 4th pregnancy. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at about the end of my 3rd month. My first child, 2nd pregnancy was born March 6, 2003. My second child, 3rd pregnancy, waas born July 5, 2004. I am now 8 weeks pregnant. 4th pregnancy, 3rd child (hopefully). I have had bleeding (bight pink to bright red) almost every day for 2 weeks. I had an ultrasound done recently. The baby is developing normally, and has a heartbeat of 168- normal. Yet I still bleed. I am so worried. The doctor told me that I might miscarry, and to be on complete bedrest for 4 weeks. I can only do limited bedrest. Anyways, I am so afraid that I will lose this baby. Since I had my last 2 babies less than 2 years apart, and my youngest is only almost 6 months old, could I possibly have a weak cervix? I also pa__sed what looked like the mucus plug quite some time ago. I also was on yhe birth control pill, got off, and then got back on again. I took the pill while I was pregnant. Can that be a factor in a possible miscarriage?


Bridget - January 28

I am approximately 4 weeks along. Just in the last day or two I noticed some light pink/brown discoloration. It also feels like when you are about to ovulate - a very slight cramping in the lower abdomen. My first doctor's appt isn't for another couple weeks. This is my first pregnancy and I'm not sure what to expect. I'm scared I might have a miscarriage. The doctor told me to take it easy and if the bleeding persists (or cramping becomes severe) to call the office. For now I guess all I can do it sit and wait. :(


Annie - January 28

Bridget- Don't worry about the pink and brown... it's pretty normal. It may go away in a couple of weeks. Just rest and take it easy!


shane - January 31

i have bleeding, especially after s_x but the doc says everything is a o.k.


carmen - January 31

Im going through the same thing and I am afraid to find out what is going on.


Shawndell - February 1

I'm 5 weeks and have been bleeding for the last 4 days. My HCG levels are fine and the sonagram shows a sack with an embyro. However, my Dr. says just to go about my normal schedule. It seems logical that I should be off my feet. I am bleeding bright red and want desperately not to lose my baby. Has anyone else had their Dr. tell them that bedrest would not help?



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