Bleeding At 18 Weeks Please Help Anyone

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Olga - January 6

I am 18 weeks today and I noticed that I start bleeding everytime I am having orgazm. It bleeds for a day and stoped. I wait for a week or more and try again, and every time it's getting worse. I stoped having any intercorse, but sometimes I can have orgazm during my sleep, and I am waking up bleeding. I went to U/S twice and they said that the baby is fine and my cervix length is normal. I am in Japan right now and tomorrow I am going to Singapore for a week, so I am comming back to US only next Sunday, so I cannot even call my Dr or go to the hospital. I am very concern. Does anybody had that experience and what was wrong and where did it go??? Please, Please, Please??


tasha - January 9

Hi, I am 20 weeks pregnant and have had the exact same problem since I was 18 weeks. A few days after having s_x with my husband, I started spotting. This happened off and on for about a week and then stopped for 2 days. So I thought at this point it would be okay to at least fool around. So we did and sure enough I started spotting again except for worse. This continued for about 2 more days and then I had 5 days with no bleeding. So once again we fooled around (no intercourse) and I had an orgasm. Well of course it happened once again. So we have decided to just forget about any kind of stimulation for the rest of this pregnancy. It's just not worth it. Anyhow, the whole time this was going on of course I was freaking out. I went to the doctors and the emergency room at least 5 times. It was always the same thing: as long as your cervix is closed and thick and the baby is fine there is nothing that they can do at this point. Although they did say that it is very rare for someone to misscarry at 18 weeks. I have stopped bleeding for about 3 days now. I find that staying off my feet as much as possible and avoiding any sort of stimulation really works. Good luck to you!


Jennifer - January 10

Hi, I'm 14 weeks and having the same problem with bleeding, but no intercourse, just started bleeding for no reason. Baby and cervix looks good and the doctor has no reason why it is going on. I'm trying to stay off my feet too. Good luck to you.



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