BLEEDING At 30 Weeks

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Emmy's~Mom - August 1

I started spotting a few weeks ago and now it has turned to light bleeding. An ultra sound 2 wks ago showed the placenta to be okay. My doctor said with the baby being large and low the pressure could be causing cervical veins to bust or there could be a small tear somwhere so he put me on bed rest. On Friday, I passed a large blood clot (about the size of a half dollar) and am still bleeding. We have another ultra sound this week. I'm SCARED & WORRIED!! I had a c-section with my first baby and have one scheduled for this one. Has anyone else had this problem or know of someone who has?


Felicity - August 2

I wish I knew the answer. I am 34 weeks and bleeding some. Not heavy, but enough to scare the snot out of me. I've also been having a ton of braxton hicks...I am worried. Ultrasound a week ago - everything looked perfect supposedly. Dr told me to rest. But how can I rest when I am so worried!!!! Does anyone know why someone might bleed this late in pregnancy? I am so close! Dr. said that everything looks good and to not worry, but he didn't explain why it was happening! Emmy's mom - I hope you are ok - please update and let me know how you're doing! And anyone else - please answer!


Emmy's Mom - August 3

I had another ultra sound yesterday that showed everything to be okay. He said the same to me - Not to worry and to take it easy! Yeah right! He said he's other patients who have donet his and delivered perfectly healthy babies without any problems. This is my second and I didn't have ANY problems with the first so I'm very confused. We're scheduled for a c-section in 10 wks and I can not wait. I'm so nervous about everything and once this baby is delivered I know I will have instant relief! I hope all is well with you. You are almost there!! Please let me know any updates or new information! :)


Felicity - August 3

I went back in today. Ultrasound was normal. He gave me almost the same explanation because I think he really doesn't know why I am bleeding! But seeing the baby calmed me down quite a bit. I'm not bleeding a lot - just a little bit and it's off and on. I think it happens more when I am moving around and doing things. Doctor said he feels like I have tried to do too much. I wasn't planning on quitting work this early and my work is being rather "b___hy" about only giving me one month of maternity leave paid. So if I take off now (Doctor also said baby isn't ready to come yet) then I still have month to 6 weeks to wait for baby and that's if I don't go OVERDUE! But I really just don't have any options. I have all of my sick days and I get 7 of those and I now have used 3 this week. And I have a week vacation that I haven't used, but I am still afraid it might not be enough and I can't just pop out a baby and go back to work!!!! I want a little bit of time with her first! I think they think I am making all of this up to get more time off or something. It's so hard to find sympathetic employers. And I NEED my job - this is my first and I am single. My family can help some, but not really financially. Sorry - I don't mean to whine - it's just that that situation is not helping my stress level. My pregnancy has been so good up until now! I'm just frustrated! Thank you so much for getting back to me and I hope that everything is still ok with you and continues to be ok! Are you still bleeding or did it stop? Keep me posted! Thank you!


Confused - August 4

Felicity...while I don't know all the legal particulars about it, your employer HAS TO - BY LAW - keep your job open to you for (I believe it's) 12 weeks after you give birth (whether they like it or not). Your pregnancy, depending on the circ_mstances surrounding it, is supposed to be treated as a short-term disability. Please check into the Family Medical Leave Act, as it details what an employer is LEGALLY REQUIRED to do. If they don't do it, or if they give you a hard time about it, it's s_xUAL DISCRIMINATION, plain and simple. Please don't let your employer intimidate you. You DO have legal rights and protections.


Emmy's Mom - August 4

She's right - they HAVE to hold your job for you. I know it's still hard because you don't want them to be upset at you and you need the money while you are off. And yes, this extra stress is definitely not good for the pregnancy. My bleeding is off and on too and not very heavy (most of the time). And the bed rest did seem to help. So I'm sure taking it really easy would be good for you too. Are you on your feet at work?


Felicity - August 5

I am feeling a bit better now. The spotting stops and then starts again if I get up and around. I think my baby must want me to be still. As for work - they WILL hold my job, but they will only pay me for one month. I have spent most of my savings decorating my nursery! LOL! I should have put something back for complications. They aren't that bad at work all the time - I think they just want everyone to be there. When I decided to have this child they got all funny. I think they liked having someone work there that had no responsibilities besides work. And I have been asked what i am going to do if the baby gets sick and I am planning on nursing and they wonder about that too. But my grandmother is keeping her and she lives very close to where I work so i can go nurse her on my lunch break and pump and I really think it's going to be ok. Emmy's mom - I am so glad that you're doing better - this is so scary! I'm not glad you have to go through it, but I am glad I don't have to go through it alone! Thank you and Confused for your comments - I'm really trying not to stress! Good luck to you all!


Emmy's Mom - August 24

Hello! Well, I had the baby! That's why it's been so long for this response! I had a LOT of bleeding in the middle of the night, went to the hospital and was in labor. They tried to stop it but I was already 90% effaced and dilated to 5. So they did a c-section. Since it was 9 wks early, I'm home now but my little baby is in ICU. He's doing really well but it's all scary. Something new going on every day. But he did weight 4 1/2 pounds which is REALLY good for a preemie. How are you doing? Sorry my comments in my previous message confused you. I meant that YOU didn't need the added stress of worrying about work. :)


Felicity - August 25

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I so wish i was you! :-D I'm still pregnant! I haven't had anymore bleeding luckily. I took a week off work and that seemed to do the trick. I'm also not allowed to have s_x or do anything strenuous and I am only working half a day. I'm 37 weeks now and the Dr. says everything looks great. I hope I have her soon. I'm so happy you had yours! Please keep us updated on her progress!


Emmy's Mom - August 25

That's so good that the bleeding stopped! And now that you're 37 wks the baby is almost full term so it's good that you've made it this far without going into labor. I know you're ready to get it over with but believe me, you don't want to have a preemie. It's sooo stressful. Oh, the bleeding was because my cervix was dilating that whole time! Keep me posted on your progress. :)


amber.l.a - February 19

I am bleeding too and Ive been trying so hard not worry, cry, and stress myself out about it. I went to the doctor's office today and they checked my blood, fetal heartbeat, and v____a. The doctor said she doesnt know why and sent me home. Alot of help right. Anyways its still coming out but my baby is very active. I need an answer too. Please someone tell me something. I havent had any s_x or a pelvic exam.



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