Bleeding At 7 Wks

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china019 - May 20

This is my first pregancy. My husband and I are very excited, but started getting worried, because I started having some brwn spotting a few days ago, and also started bleeding a little bit today. My Drs appt isn't until wednesday, but i can't help but worry, because most of the information that I've read from the internet says that bleeding is not normal. I haven't had any cramps, or back aches or anything..thank god. I would just like some confirmation that a little bit of bleeding may still result in a healthy pregnancy. It would definitely ease my mind....


Cindyms1014 - May 21

I had the exact same thing happen on Friday (2 days ago). I wasn't worried at all. I called the doctor as my spotting was very very light. The doctor suggested I come in for a visit. I still wasn't worried. I'm not sure how far along I am, but I'm guessing around 8 weeks. When I had an u/s, it only measured 5 1/2 weeks. Stupid me, I still wasn't worried even though the timing didn't make sense. Then I talked to the doctor and did my research. He wants to see me in a week to see if I have a heartbeat yet (none was showing). He has informed me that there is a good chance I have miscarried. I have a very healthy 14 month old and no problems with that pregnancy. I was shocked. A sock in the gut. My recomendation....CALL YOUR DOCTOR. An u/s is very easy to do to verify everything is OK. Bleeding is not always bad during pregnancy, but it can be. I think it was for bleeding is now turning from brown to red, but still light.


caribbeancrazy - May 22

I don't want to sound negative, this same happened to me, 3 days of brown spotting then the cramps started in the middle of the night and then the red blood started the next day and then I ended up going to the hospital and had a miscarriage on Friday - so scary and so painful - as soon as you see any blood - brown or red - get to the doctor - I wish you all the best of luck......


gkaren2706 - May 23

Hi. I do not want to sound negative but I had the same symptoms exactly and I had a ectopic. I was able to catch it early enough so I didn't lose my tube. Early care when you are bleeding at all is very important.


Cindyms1014 - May 23

Its me again. I hope your luck is better then mine china019. My baby pa__sed on Sunday night. I was expecting it, but was still taken aback. It is very rea__suring to know that its nothing myself of my husband did to cause this and I don't believe we will have any problems in the future. The doctor said we need to wait 3 months----I'm very impatient....



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