Bleeding At 8 Weeks And Clots

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Worried Man - December 11

Hi, My wife at 8 weeks pregnant had a lot of bleeding today (she described it as gushing, bright red). We went immediately to the hospital, where the scan showed a heartbeat and we were both very releived. The doc said the bleeding could continue, and if it gets darker that is good, because the blood is drying up/stopping. She has some fibrieroids, and this may be the cause. No alarm, just 48 hours of bed rest. However, she has now shown some clumps that look like blood clots. Still very worried??


kristen - December 12

if the clots get worst and seem kinda of tissue like then she may be miscarring if it does not stop and she keeps having clumps then you should take her back to the hospital. i hope for the both of you that she's not i know how it feels and is not very fun to go through. best thing is for her to rest tell her to keep track of how much is coming out and if it get worst to go get checked again let them know it is getting worst. Best of Luck


Shannon - January 5

I am also 8 weeks pregnant and have had some heavy bleeding so I also went in to see my doctor and saw the babies heart beating when I came home the bleeding started again very heavy and I aswell started to clot which was accompanied by cramping I called my doctor to find out if I had miscarried I was told that the baby was fine the heart was beating and that the bleeding and clotting and cramping was caused by the v____al ultrasound which rubs and scratches the uterus causing bleeding and even clotting and cramping he let me know that it would subside in about 2-4 days and as long as the pain is not to great or I become dizzy due to lose of blood he a__sured me the baby would be fine. he also let me know that if I miscarried at week 8 my body would expell the fetus and the size would be very noticable about the size of a golf ball or larger he told me to rest and try to limit my activities. Good Luck to both of you keep me posted on how your pregnancy goes.


Kim - January 6

I am 6 weeks pregnant, and have also had heavy bleeding and cramps. Went to the doctor yesterday, and it was too early to see a heartbeat, but the doctor said there was still hope that everything would be okay. Have to wait two more weeks until the next appointment to be sure. It will be the longest two weeks of my life! Every time I feel a cramp, or go to the bathroom and see the blood, I get so worried and sad. Such a lonely thing. Reading the other entries is a bit rea__suring, as I don't feel as alone.



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