Bleeding Brown Discharge

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sage122 - November 8

I'm 7 weeks pregnant from last period, and yesterday I noticed light brown discharge mixed with the normal discharge I usually get, later yesterday some light period like bleeding appeared only when I wiped. Today, I noticed a good amount of thick dark brown discharge in my underwear, and tonight im starting to bleed when I wipe again. I'm so so stressed out and upset over this becuase I'm afriad it's a m/c. I'm going for an ultrasound monday but it seems so far away...has anyone experienced this? any answers are very much appreciated :/


Greeklady28 - November 8

I had very similar spotting that lasted 2 days at about 8 weeks. It was brown with a little red. I paged my doctor and she stated that it could be a miscarriage. The bleeding stopped and I am now 30 weeks and doing well. It turns out I was having implantation bleeding which is what you might be experiencing. If you start to get bad cramping or any more bleeding, page your doctor or go to the ER. Drink lots of water.....Take care and don't worry too much. Keep us posted


Lnngirl - November 8

when i was about 5 weeks pregnant. I have same situation as you. I got worried but my doctor said nothing to worry about it the implanation. I am now about 6 weeks pregnant and waiting for my u/s in two weeks.


sage122 - November 9

Hey guys I went for an ultrasound today because the Dr. was worried about my bleeding...I'm 7 weeks and they only saw a sack so they think it might be blighted ovum :/ I'm beyond upset this is so horrible I have to wait till tuesday to get blood taken to see if hormone levels are rising or until then failed pregnancy is on my mind


emmamaddiesmom - November 9

I'm kinda in the same situation. I am 8 weeks pregnant and have been bleeding for 5 days now. I don't fill a pad a day but it's bloody when I wipe. I went in to get my hcg levels checked and they are normal. I had an ultrasound 3 days ago and they could see the sac but didn't see anything in it. They said it might be too early to see the baby and to come back in 2 weeks for another u/s. I am still bleeding and occasionally have light cramping. I am hoping for the best but preparing myself for the worst. Hopefully everything will end up perfect for us. Good luck. I'll be praying for us both.


emmamaddiesmom - November 10

Last night I had bad cramps for about an hour and when I went to the bathroom there was a lot of blood and then a big plop in the toilet. I'm pretty sure I had a m/c. I hope everything works out for you.


sage122 - November 10

Hey guys if I'm 7 weeks 2 days pregnant from my last period wouldn't they be able to see something? Anyone end up seeing an empty sack at this point but seeing a baby later on?


Stillhottie - November 14

I am in the same situation. I am about 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and I started spotting a brown colored blood. Then I started spotting bright red blood. I went to my OB and they did an ultrasound that showed a sac but not a baby. They told me it is too soon to see the baby. They also ran labs and my HCG from 5 days only went up 1900 and my progesterone was only 9.3. They put me on pregesterone suppositores I am so worried and I am beginning to bleed more and have some slight cramps. Anyone have any suggestions?



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