Bleeding During First Trimester HELP

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happytobepreggo - March 2

I am currently 13 weeks, so really I'm now in my second trimester. I started having bleeding on monday, went to the er, they did a pelvic exam and said my cervix was tightly closed and could not see anything from all the bloodwork they did. They did an ultrasound and my baby was in there and moving around like a jack-in-the-box. They said all they could see was excess blood on the outside of the placenta and that it looks like I might have a slight tear. They said that with bed rest it should clear itself up. I haven't had any more bleeding since monday, but I'm still freaking out, since they said that I was not completely "out of the dark" and I'm higher risk for losing this pregnancy! Please help! I just want some reassurance!! Thanks!!


pregnantjackie - March 2

Same thing happened to me at nine weeks and then again at 14. Lay off the s_x if you are having any, when you are pregnant you are very sensitive and bleed easily, something about the blood flow closer to the skin. Same with your gums, they bleed easier too. Try not to be too active, or increase your heart rate and get a lot of rest. I bled during a pap smear I was so sensitive, but everything is fine. First time it happened it was very scary though.


jen327 - March 5

Same Same thing happened to me. What I have, and probably you, is a Subchorionic hematoma or bleed. It is a small tear where the placenta attaches to the uterus. I had bleeding at 6 weeks then 8 then 11 when I was finally diagnosed. Er's don't take this seriously and tell you it is a 50/50 chance of miscarrying. I actually switched OBs and my OB now is great! She has me seeing a Peri (a Perinatalogist - sees high risk pregnancies and monitors these things closely.) My tear was 2 cm's and I only found out by getting the u/s results myself. My OB did not even get them. So anyway I was on bed rest for 32 days. I went back at 16 weeks for another scan and my tear was still there. Although I ahve not had any bleeding since 11 weeks and i am not 18 weeks. I go back to see the Peri at 20 weeks and 26 weeks. The risk for pre-term labor is still there although not bad. Some people do bleed after a pap, but that blood is outside the uterus and if they saw blood in your uterus and mentioned the tear it is probably an SCH. Good news is your chance of a m/c is not much higher then a normal person. The risk is more the lack of blood to the baby can cause a m/c. I was scared too at first. But now I feel much better. My OB has said NO s_x at all, and I was on COMPLETE bed rest for 40 days. I literally did nothing but lay in bed and shower, I even had my DH bring me dinner in bed. I am happy to walk through this scary journey with you, as I said my SCH is still ther and I am 18 weeks so I ahve a ways to go with it. But you will be ok. It makes the pregnancy harder though emotionally. I know I have been off bed rest for two weeks and I have already finished my registry, ordered the furniture and bought tons of clothes. I am just scared about bed rest again so I want to do what I can now. Also, don't be afriad to PUSH your OB. You need good care and if you are like me, rea__surance and a closer eye. Ask to see a Peri, they usually do a level 2 u/s so you get a much closer look at your baby. Anyway, if you want to talk I am here, and would love to travel this SCH journey with you, if of course that is what you have, but since you mentioned exactly what I was told before I requested my u/s results, it i probably that. Don't freak yourself out either with googling information. It is both good and bad. But what my Peri has said is good. Again my tear is 2cm and some women have them up to 9 and have healthy babies.


jen327 - March 5

I meant I am now 18 weeks, not "not 18 weeks" Sorry



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