Bleeding For Two Days And Brown Discharge

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hayleysenior - June 13

hi, im aroun 5 weeks pregnant, last week i started to bleed it lasted maybe two to three days and the turned to a light brown colour it felt just like my period normally does. so i went to er to get it checked out, i did a pregnancy test and doctor said he couldnt see any reason why i would b miscarrying and told me this sort of bleeding is normal in pregnancy, so he booked me in for a scan in two weeks to check everything is progressing ok. although at the time i was relieved i cant help thinking now that ive misscarried, there was no pain and iv done pregnancy tests since which say im still pregnant and the lines on the test seem to darken each week which i understand is levels in hormones, please could someone shed some light on this situation??? any past experiences? thankyou


lisahope - June 13

You should go to your regular ob to answer some of your questions. They can see the heartbeat as early as 6 weeks. It's possible that you are bleeding from the placental attachment(subchorionic bleed) or from your cervix or because the baby is not viable and you are miscarrying. Before 6 weeks, they can do your Hcg Level.


hayleysenior - June 13

i've already seen my gp,midwife and doctor at th hospital. they all told me because the bleeding wasnt too heavy and there were no large blood clots i should have nothing to worry about and that i cant have a scan until i am 7 weeks gone, i cant stand the waiting though. thankyou, i shal bear it in mind and have to wait and see i suppose! x


Prisoner_of_Hope - June 13

Hayley, I am so sorry for your fear. I know how hard it is to stay positive. I don't know what your faith is, so forgive me if what I post below offends you. I do hope it offers you some comfort. Father in heaven, I thank you for your marvellous gift; you have allowed me to share in your divine parenthood. During this time of waiting, I ask you to protect and nurture these first mysterious stirrings of life. May our child come safely into the world . I entrust our child to your loving heart and tender care. Bless us, Lord for your own name's sake and in Jesus' Name. Amen. I send you a BIG HUG from New York.


Angie81 - July 5

Hayley, the same exact thing just happened to me. I went to the emergency room July3rd and i am 5 weeks pregnant so they couldnt check the heart beat, my bleeding isnt heavy but its also not light, its been two days and i bleed for maybe 15 minutes enough to fill a liner. They said everything was intact and fine. I now have to wait. Did you find out if you miscarried. I'd like to know? I still show pregnant and throwup. Stay Hopefull.


august baby #3 - July 5

i was on depo and had irregular bleeding. I found out that i was pregnant when i went in for one of my shots. I was then 8 weeks pregnant and had bleeding every other week for 2-3 days each time. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and have placenta previa. I am now wondering if maybe the placenta previa was causing the bleeding and the baby was just too little to notice it at my first ultrasound. So keep your hopes up.



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