Bleeding Is Not Always A Problem

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karen - April 16

hi, i just thought that i would send this to all of you who are worried about bleeding/cramps/spotting. I have had 3 children and am expecting my 4th even though my son is only 4 months old.I bled with my first daughter for 6 months as a normal period heavy and painful, the doctors had no reason why and my daughter was healthy. I was advised to take bed rest. my second daughter was normal no bleeding. With my son again I bled in the first few months but with no explination. I am bleeding again with cramps but the baby is ok. So although you will be worried bleeding doesnt always mean miscarriage, try not to worry.


Hi Karen - April 16

Thank you for your post. A week ago I had u/s done at 5 wks. Doc said it was an empty sac. Reading other posts said maybe it was too early. 2 days after u/s started to spot. Now I've been bleeding with tiny clots cramping coming and going for 4 days. This morning cramping is uncomfortable and still just little tiny clots. My doc said not to call unless I'm in pain or I soak pads. I go through maybe 3 per day but not soaked. I'm letting it ride until Monday when I go in for another u/s. I had a mc june last year and I remember the cramps made me curl over in pain. These aren't that bad. At least this time I am more mentally prepared for another m/c but I am still hoping to make it through. Just wondering if you had any small clotting with your bleeding?


KEEKEE - April 16

Hi Karen, Finally someone I can ask this question!!!!!! Did your pregnacy with the period like bleeding show on a HPT? I think I maybe pregnant, but is still having periods(short). Can you please give me any advice.........Girl, I can not get any answers and my dr. appointment is not until the end of the month.....THANKS!!!! for posting this comment, now I have someone I can talk to about this...........SMOOCHES


karen - April 18

Well, my experiences have been that with my eldest daughter I had very heavy periods every month until the 6th month with clots and very bad cramps, the doctors told me the placenta could be breaking away but when i delivered my daughter the placenta was whole. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and had a scan today my baby is fine heartbeat is fine and i am bleeding but it is a brown discharge. friday just gone i pa__sed large clots but they cant see any reason for this. the pain is still there like a dull ache. Its really worrying and you cant help but think the worse but i think stress can make it worse, so try not to worry im not sure if bed rest helps or not but it cant hurt if you are able to. My sac with my son was empty on the first scan it was because it was too early, so again its best to wait my GP has told me that if you miscarry the hormone stays in your body for up to 7 days so a pregnancy test is not always reliable. I have always felt pregnant with my bleeding, sick and that pregnant tired feeling.


KEEKEE - April 18

Hi Karen, Thanks for answering my question....My sister and mom had period like bleeding with their pregnancies. My sister had (-) hpt and on her 4th month, she found out she was pregnant.......I am having a pregnancy sign in the book. Headaches..Nausea..lower back stomach dont look the same..leg cramps..and that hunger feeling..periods that is only 2-3 days long with spotting a few days later. My hpt came out (-)...When I try not to think about it, I get another pregnancy sign. Its crazy!!...I sometimes think I'm losing it. Until I spoke to my sister and she said her hpt was (-)......Did HPT work for you???............I am so happy to here that all of your babies are healthy...Thanks again for posting this question..............HOLLA BACK!!!!!!!


KEEKEE - April 18

Oh, I just wanted to add. I am not ttc. I have a 11 month old baby and a 8 year old. So, I know what it feel like to be pregnant.This may sound crazy, but I think I feel movement.You never know!!!!!........SMOOCHES!!!!!!


wondering too! - March 1



bump - March 2

bumperty bump


ready2bpregnant - March 2

Im haven the same problem. My last period was Jan.15th I've had 3 hpt and one blood test all say (-) but Im having all the signs except sore nipples and vomiting. On Feb 28th I started spotting On Feb 29 and March 1st I was bleeding not a lot and bright red. Today it has stopped. Can I be pregnant???


bump - March 3



Heather - March 3

hi everyone, I am 19 weeks pregnant and still get a 1 day bleed every Month which I have had right along, all my HPT"S were Negative I just found out that I am actually in fact very Pregnant, my 1st doctor thought I was crazy, but now he is questioning his sanity, but I just wanted to let you girls know don't give up hope, sometimes we just know are selves and it takes the doctors alot longer to figure it out. Good luck to all.


bump - March 4

bump bump


b - March 7



nancy - March 7

I started on feb 24 with a pinkish color bleeding. I went to the dr that day and heard the heartbeat thankfully. Then I had a ultrasound that day as well. I was 12 weeks 3 days pregnant according to the ultrasound. Everything looks great on ultrasound as well. Now I am 14 weeks pregnant and still having brown discharge when wiping. Dr had me come in today and gave me the Rh shot since I a Rh neg to be sure that is not a problem even though shot usually not given til 28 weeks pregnant. So far so good but I am still scared out of my mind of miscarriage.


bumping - March 14

Anybody else experianced this and found out that they were in fact pregnant.


Claire - March 16

I am really pleased 2 find out that people are experiencing the same thing as me. I suffered a miscarrage last year, i fell pregnant soon after my miscarriage and we were over the moon. I went for a scan when i was (by the date of my last period) 7 and a half weeks but when they did the scan i was 9 and a half weeks. so i had had a period whilst i was pregnant but everything looked fine to my relief. Then i had some bleeding when i was 12 weeks and of course a__sumed the worst but after a scan baby was fine and the bleeding had stopped within a day. I then had some more bleeding at my 13th week but one again all look ok and bleeding has stopped. I am now approching my 14th week and am trying to remain positive. This is a really distressing time for me and my partner, all we can do is hope for the best. It is really rea__suring 2 hear other peoples stories which dont always have a sad ending!


jldaniels - March 17

I have read all your posts and it comforts me a little because I too have been experiencing bleeding. Here is my story and its kinda long so bear with me. I took a pregnancy test (Clearblue easy digital) and it was positive then on March 13th (last Monday) I started spotting then bleeding. I rushed to the doctor and she when I gave them a urine sample she said their test came back negative and that my home test must have been wrong and I'm just having a late period (1 1/2 weeks late). She took some blood and I left feeling stupid. The next night I checked my voicemail and she called saying my blood test came back positive but with low hpt.(didn't get an exact number though). She said it could just be implantation bleeding and not to stress. I've been bleeding ever since just like a period with no cramps and today I'm actually able to just wear a panty liner. I'm not sure if I'm still pregnant or not because the doctor told me to wait until the bleeding stops and we will go from there but at least these posts give a little hope. Thank You



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