Bleeding Nut Can Only Notice It When I Wipe

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del.xx - March 19

i have been having bleeding it is red but u can only notice it when i wipe i am really worried i have my 3rd ultra sound on tues 22nd march to see if they can detect a heart beat i am 8 weeks has anybody ever had this and been ok???


Heather - March 19

I had a m/c that started the same way... Only when I wiped. Within about 16 hours it was full on bleeding. I'd had an u/s at 8 weeks and they saw no heartbeat. Made an appointment for the very next week but the bleeding started the night before my 9 week point. Miscarried naturally the next day. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!


Kat - March 19

I am in the same boat as Heather BUT I have heard of *numerous* bleeding stories where everything turned out just fine. Take optimal care of yourself... no stress... and think positive! Best to u.


Sue - March 26

I'm 13 weeks along with my second child and I've had that same kind of "only when I wipe" bleeding for both pregnancies. It comes and goes but as long as the flow stays that light my doctor tell me not to worry. I just make sure to take it easy and put my feet up a little when it happens. My first son is 3 1/2 and I bled like that just about every other week for my entire pregnancy with him. Just stay calm and hopefully all will be well. Good luck!


Raichelle - July 11

I am 17 weeks pregnant, and I bleed everyday. My doctor does not know why. I have had several ultrasounds and the baby is growing at the appropriate rate. I panic sometimes, but I try not to worry. I am on complete bedrest until my due date .


miranda - July 11

I had it at 7 weeks and 10 weeks and I am now 30 weeks pregant with a healthy baby. Bleeding without cramps is not usually a problem, but if you have pain, call your dr right away.


Jen - July 12

My miscarriage started that way. I was 8 weeks. I didn't have any cramping just bleeding that started light then got heavy. Go to your doctor


Nat - July 13

I am 8 wks and I have had the same type of bleeding for 2 wks. I have had 2 ultrasounds and everything is going fine and normal. The Dr says that it is one of those things and to take it easy. I know women that have bleed for 14 wks of their pregnancy. I also have this itcy red rash? Hope everything goes ok for us both.


Lisa - July 16

I am 6 weeks along and for the last day and a half I have noticed brown discharge with a little blood, doctor suggests rest, should I be worried?


K - July 16

I bled practically from conception to be honest. I'm kinda prone to it. I bled red blood and clots at 4.5 wks, had blood tests and all was well, then it stopped, scanned at 6 wks saw heartbeat and everthing ok. Started bleeding again after vag u/s, then stopped about a week later then started again at 8.5 wks. I'm now 10 wks and still spotting brown occasionally. Went to midwife this week and we actually heard the heartbeat with a doppler. She said not to worry and just something I'm gonna do. Baby is fine. Moral of this story, bleeding not always bad news, but always a worry. Speak to your healthcare provider with any bleeding or spotting, but it is sometimes ok and from what I hear, more often than you'd think. Good luck to all of you.



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