Blighted Ovum Can Anyone Share Their Stories

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Casey - January 11

Hello, I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 8 weeks also. It started out with light bleeding and then my doctor recomended I have a d and c. This happened 3 months ago and now I just found out I am pregnant again. I am really scared to tell anyone or to even think about it until I hear the baby's heartbeat. I am emotional wreck. Does anyone know what the the chances are of having another blighted ovum?


bindaas - January 13

Hi all- I have 4.5 yr old daughter.ttc #2 I have had 2 miscarriages in the last 1 in mar 2005 at 9 weeks another in dec 2005 at 12 weeks noth being blighted ovum. the embryo had not developed beyond 5 weeks. the 1st time I had a D&cC the 2nd time I miscarried naturally.My doc also discovered a 3 cm cyst in my right ovary. so I now have to follow uo u/s for my cyst and have to wait 2 cycles until I try again. good luck to u all.


J - January 14

At 9 weeks 5 days I started having light brown spotting, we went to the ER were I had an ultrasound and was then told I had a blighted ovum. My husband and I had never heared of this before. I continued to have light spotting for two more days and then I was given cytoctec to help speed up the miscarriage. I was not told that there is a risk of a ruptured uterus. I was given Tyl #3 which wasn't enough to control the pain these pills brought on. I had uncontrollable pain for a few hours, I probably should have gone to the hospital but we waited it out. I wouldn't take that med ever again. It has now been 5 days and I still have mild pain and bleeding.


sonia989 - October 24

I had a blighted ovum about 5 months ago. My hcg started out really low at 36miu at 4 weeks. It took 3 days to double, then started doubling normally. I also had a little spotting at about 4 weeks. They did scans regularly starting at 5 weeks and never saw more than an empty sac. I miscarried naturally by choice at 8 weeks. It was painful and | bled so muich i had to be hospitalized because some of the placenta was stuck. I was supposed to get a d&c but didn't want to cause i was afraid of scarring. It took a week and 8 doses of misoprostol, but it finally came out and I stopped bleeding. I'm 6 weeks pregnant now and my hcg levels were excellent at 16dpo (440) but I have my first scan tomorrow and i'm really nervous about it.


veronica - April 22

This was my second pregnancy this was a different father than my first one. I was pretty excited when i found out i was pregnant. I found out when i was four weeks pregnant. i went to have a v____al ultrasound when the report came back it said there was a low heart beat. They couldn't tell if it was that i wasn't as far long as i thoough that i was or that it was my heart beat. I didn't worry too much because i felt pretty good. I did have some yeast infections but i didn't think any thing of it. It was a brown discharge and thought it was from the yeast infection but now that i'm learning more about a blighted ovum it was the symtoms that i was having. I calle dmy doctor one day because i had spotting and was worried about the baby. They had me go through an ultra sound and it stated that i had a blighted ovum. I was so confused because this was my second pregnancy and my first was fine. I followed up with my doctor and she had advised me to have a D&cC so that there were no infections in my body. At that time i was 14 weeks pregnant almost four months. That happened on march 23rd. It's been a month now. I am finally dealing with it but it's hard. My mother had died two days prior to my miscarriage that was kind of scary too. I'm also scared about concieving again. But i started trying 1 week after my miscarraige i guess because i wanted to become pregnant again and missed it. It's now been almost five weeks. I have not had my period yet. I could be pregnant again. I have questions for anyone reading my story: How soon are you suppose to get a period after a miscarraige? If you have been illregular how long will it be for you to get a period? If anyone has any answers let me know. This has been hard for me but telling my story will help me move on and help others thanks god bless and good luck to everyone on this site!!!!!!!


rebeccapett - April 28

HI Allison, I had a blighted Ovum in January. I was 8 weeks and started to have the brown spotting and then it started bleeding. I went to the hospital and found out the same as you(stopped developing at 5 weeks). The doc decided to let nature take its course and it took a good week for the full misscarriage to end. It was painful and of course we were dissapointed. I read that most people get a blighted novem only once and that it is rare for it to occur. They are not quite what causes it but they guess a bad mix of genes. There is a happy ending to this. I had one period and we got pregnant in Feb! IT was a shocker. I am now 12 weeks. I have had several ultrasounds and I just had a nuchal translucency and everything is looking good. The baby is developing the way it should. I have a ways to go but I hope this will give you some positive insight to this and hope. I know it's a horrible thing to go through. Hang in there. The good news is that you were able to get pregnant and I bet you will be pregnant in no time! All my best! Rebecca


Imhealed - May 2

I found out that I had a blighted ovum at 9 weeks. I kept hoping and praying that on every visit, they would soon see something. On 4/17/08 they diagnosed me with the blighted ovum, and I went in on 4/18/08 to have a D&C procedure done. I had it done in the doctors office and I cramped so bad for 5 minutes straight. My hisband held my hand the whole time and told me that it would be ok. I bleed for 8 days...light bleeding and I started to feel like my normal self. My husband and I had /unprotected s_x for the first time since 3/17/08, so I was so ready to be with him again. The reason why I had not had s_x wth him was because they thought that I had an tubal pregnancy, and they thought that s_x would rupture it, so I had to wait. I feel great, hoping to see a period sometime in May, so who knows. ai went back for my check up today and everything was ok. I pray that all of you have healtjhy babies, and trust me God will restore to you everything that you thought that you lost. Wait on God, and he'll bless you in due time. Be blessed.


iriak - May 8

I had Blighted Ovum at 7 weeks, no signs of m/c at all. After seeing the US and finding out there wasn't a baby, i m/c the same night naturally. The only thing was that all the pregnancy symptoms went away, very early on.


RamCam - June 2

I am just at 7 weeks, was experiencing spotting over the weekend, went in for an u/s this morning and the scan showed a sac but no baby. my dr said not to worry because it could just be too early or the dates could be off. I fear I have a blighted ovum because I dont have the pregnancy symptoms I had with my son. With him, I had a lot of nausea, early on that lasted 3 mos and my b___sts were extremely sore and I never had any spotting. This time my b___sts are slightly sore, but no nausea and Ive been spotting for almost 4 days. Im trying to be hopeful. Has anyone ever experienced a possible blighted ovum along with spotting, only to have a healthy baby in the end?


mariselaTX - June 10

I was diagnosed with blighted ovum three weeks ago. My doctor wanted to check my blood levels, he thought maybe I was earlier than they thought. Three sonograms later only a sak no baby. My blood levels are high. He wants me to have a D&C to avoid the pain and extreme bleeding. I am hurt and disappointed, but knowing there is a support group to talk makes me feel better. I know I should thankful this happened early in the pregnancy, but I still feel so bad. My husband said once the doctor says we are ok to try again we will, but I can help but feel nervous about that. My D&C is scheduled for tomorrow and at least I can move forward from there.


mvleck - June 12

I've had two blighted ovums, Each nine months apart. The first one I had alot of symptoms and didn't find out til I was 10 weeks along. The second one I had no symtoms and miscarried at 7.5 weeks. I'm pregnant again and I'm 6 weeks along. I'm going to have a sonogram June 20th. Very, Very nervous.


misspie - July 18

i'm so sorry to all of you who dealt/are dealing with this. i found out today i might have a blighted ovum, but i am only 5w 2days so it may just be too early to see. i am having additional blood work and another ultrasound. if things don't work out this will be our second miscarriage in three months. it is so hard to understand why some people have no problems and others can't seem to get a break.


SMTHVT - August 7

I took 5 pregnancy test last Monday 7/31 and they all came back positive. I called my doctor and made an appointment for Thur 8/6. During my ultrasound the sac was empty so my doctor took my blood to test my HCG levels. My levels came back high (21,000). My doctor told me to come back in next week and she will do an ultrasound and she should see something. I was just wondering if anyone had this happen to them but the doctor was able to detect a baby at the next ultrasound?


jolock1 - April 19

Hi everyone I would like to share my story . I went to the ER 4/17/18 for a lil bavk ach  (nothing major thank god) when they did a u/s I was showimg 6w4d with just a sac ( I felt deep down they werent right) I was very upset I broke down . I had a u/s a week from then but I couldnt wait the dr was sure it was a BO . I decided to set my own appointment with the OB I went in 4/19/17 for a appointment the u/s tech took us back (all I could say was the faith of a mustard seed)  and sure enough there was a baby with a good strong heart beat. Every dr is different and sometimes even 1 lil day matters with pregnancy (god has the last say so and prayer works) I guess some of you say miricales but whatever you believe dont lose hope, & I hope my story helps you that are seeking hope because the hopeful stories I readed helped me (along with faith) thats why I posted mine.



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