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cc25 - March 18

is it at all possible if you have blood clots discharge around normal period time?


janis - March 18

good question?


Kat - March 18

Hi cc- I have known people to have clots, incl myself, during early pregnancy. Do you think you might be pregnant? Some pregnancies with early clots turn out okay and others do not. Would take an hpt and no matter what the result, consult your doctor or an OB. Best to you.


cc25 - March 18

yes i believe i am , even after the blood and clots at my normal period time i still feel like i am pregnant however pregnancy tests never work on me until about 3 months so thats a long time to wait! you had clotting ??? how did that turn out for you ?? can you describe it to see if we had the similar situation?


laci - March 18

are you pregnant??? any kind of blood clot is very dangerous, especially when you are pregnant. i get blood clots when i am pregnant and my doctor put me on blood thinner so i don't develop them. when i was pregnant with my 1st child i got a bad blood clot and i was in the hospital for weeks , i almost died, but luckily they desolved it just in time.i would make an appointment as fast as you can. GOOD LUCK


cc25 - March 18

i think i am before the u/s did you know you had them and how ?? did they move around or not?


Kat - March 18

Well, my case didn't turn out so well... I had 2 or 3 clots, with the last one seeming to coincide with the end of the heavy bleeding I was having. It was a m/c at week 5. However, my sister in law said she had clots and I have read of others having them and then having normal pregnancies to term. For some it is subchorionic bleeding - you could read up on it or just wait for your ultrasound. So have you been told you have slow rising hcg levels - if you are not able to register on an hpt for 3 months?


carla - May 11



wonder - May 12

i think i m/c but i'm not sure,i took a ept test it came out neg 3 wks. after having s_x and missing my period;then i got brownish spotting for about a week and took another ept test an it said i was pregnant i wanted to wait a week to just make sure i am pregnant but, just yesterday i started to bleed like a reg. period w/clots size of nikles and heavy but not like a drench of water. i'm sad to even test again, i'm going to my doc in the morning but, something is telling me that the baby is gone


Nina - June 25

I am 6 weeks and have had on and off spotting. I saw one ant sized clot. Nothing has ever been heavy, I just know when I got the the bathroom and look at the toilet paper. My MD sent me for 2 HcG level tests this week and I am awaiting the results. I am a nervous wreck!! Anyone else has gone through this? e-mail me please at [email protected]


Tpizzle - September 20




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