Blood Clots And Wife Is Frantic

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MPSB - January 10

Hello, Hopefully someone can help us out here. My wife is 9 weeks along and several weeks ago passed a good sized clot. We went to the ER and found out that she was going to have twins. A nurse mentioned that it might have been 3 babies. This evening she passed another clot accompanied by bleeding and cramping and she is really freaked out. Can anyone tell me if I can tell if it is just a blood clot or 1 or both fetuses?? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Amy - January 10

my sister was caring twins she started bleeding and she went to the er and they told her that she had lost one. she had to stay there for a couple of nights so they could give her meds to help the other baby stay healthy. now she is 4 months and everything is going great... that might be what happened to your wife. i would def. go to the hospital a/s/a/p!!!Good luck!


Corie - January 19

We were pregnant with twins (both with healthy heart beats at 6 weeks) and started to bleed heavily later that week. One of the twins miscarried, but formed a small blood clot as well, so for the past 2 weeks I've been bleeding and pa__sing clots and occa__sionally cramping. But the surviving twin is doing fine now at 9 weeks. Bleeding and cramping is always very scary, and I would recommend that you take her back into the ER or to her OB if you're concerned. They may just do an U/s and make you feel better, but its' worth it to have peace of mind and know what's going on. The doctors are on-call for just that reason, and most OBs field tons of calls from worried parents-to-be. If your wife had lost one of the twins, it's possible that she could have LOTS of clots, few clots or even no clots if her body were to reabsorb the baby. Either way, losing one twin does not usually pose a risk to the surviving one (or thats what our specialists tell us). A blood clot for a fetus that far along (9 weeks) would be very noticable, and at least the size of a golf ball, if not closer to a large orange. She would likely know. I will hope and pray that the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly.



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