Blood In Stool Sorry If TMI

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redemptive_angel - May 2

About 2 months ago I went to the emergency room because I had some bleeding after a bowel movement. Not alot, with one wipe it was gone. They told me I had a fisher (cut on the opening) gave me laxative (even though I told them I was not constipated and had regular bowel movements) and sent me home.I tried to explain that I was never constipated and it was not coming from the tiny cut, there was too much blood, but they dismissed it and told me it was because I was constipated! Now there is more then just a little blood. The toliet water turns all red and it takes quite a few wipes to get rid of it. I am a bit worried about this and I am unsure what it could be. I am affraid to go to the doctor for fear they are going to dismiss it again and send me home with a laxative.


numba1cutie6t9 - May 2

are you pregnant? hemroids are very common during pregnancy


lovemy3 - May 2

Oh my gosh, I think I could have wrote this post. On May 1st I had a bm and there was alot of bright red blood in toilet water. Just to back track a little. In 1999 I had major pain in the rectum area and on the stoll there was a fine line of bright red blood. In any case, it absessed and I needed rectal suregery. It was horrible beyond belief. They said I had a fissure that absessed. So on and off sin ce then after about of diarrehea, I would notice blood on the tissue after wiping and occasionally non the stool. Never inside the stool but on the outside. So a couple of times I went back to my family doctor and she would look. She could usually see the fissure, but then in January I went back because the blood was larger in the amount, the water turned red and although it was still new bright red blood it covered the tissue. like yourds it went away after 1 wipe. So I went in in january and she couldn't see right up inside but thought it wsas the same fissure as before. She prescribed Prtosedly ointment. Then on May 1st, the same thing happened again. My yearly physical isn't until June 20 and the thought of having to go there prior to that is upsetting. Each dr has also prescribed a loaxitive- Metamucil which I think is weird because my problem is straining from loose stools, never been constipated in my life. I am not pregnant but thinking about ttc #4. I am 37 years old. I have be losing sleep afraid I have cancer and they are missing it. I have never had a colonscopy but had a sigmoidoscopy back in 1999. Upon examination my dr has never been able to see any visible hemmoroids. What a worry, fissures do have the caopability of bleeding alot though. Do you have alot of pain? Fissures are most often very sore?


lovemy3 - May 2

sorry for all the typos- i didn't proof it very well!!


mommietobe - May 2

I had a hemmoroid burst and I thought I would never stop bleeding. Just to be on the safe side I would call or go into your Dr's office, but it does sound like that is what it could be. FYI- You can also get hemmoroids on the inside too.


redemptive_angel - May 3

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant. It never hurts when I bleed, its just there. My husband freaks everytime I mention that I am bleeding (he thinks I am going to go into labor). What is the point in going to a Dr. that just sends you home... with medicine you don't need!


lovemy3 - May 4

when they told you that you had a fissure did they actually look down there and see one? Did you have any bleedinhg before pregnancy? Does it haoppen all the time or just once?


littlemama1022 - May 5

The same thing happened to me but they didn't send me home. But I had nothing but blood as my stools and I was told I had internal hemroids, I was only about 6 weeks pregnant at the time, I am now 24 weeks and I have not had any more problems with the hemroids, I guess they went away?


GraphxGirl - May 6

I have had hemroids for years but they never really bothered me, they were just there. Now that I am pregnant ( 30 weeks ) I do have days where I am in alot of pain. I have internal and external hemroids and they can bleed sometimes. I think this is what you are experiencing and after you have the baby I am sure it will be better. If you do experience alot of pain I suggest using some tucks to wipe and some hemroid ointment but overall I found the thing that helped me the most was a heating pad. I swear by it... it really helped relieve the pain and shrink the hemroids. A hot bath works too but before I got the heating pad I was getting in the bath several times a day just to relieve the pain and it would only help while I was in the water. The heating pad is good cause you can lay there and have it on your bottom for as long as you need it. Hope this helps :)



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