Blood In The Uterus

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confused - November 8

My sister in law is pregnant she is about 3 months and I just found out she told me that the doctor told her that there is blood in her uterus and they are not sure if the baby will make it . She seems to be very confused and I don't think she understood very well I told her I would go with them to her next appointment and talk to her doctor myself. I'm trying to look up "blood in the uterus" or something like that but nothing comes up. Has anyone ever heard of a situation like that? They told her if that blood isn't gone in the next 2 months they'd have to take the baby out because it won't develop right.


Diane - November 9

I understand-at about 6 weeks pregnant they did an untrasound and saw blood in my was not near the baby but they put me on bed rest untill it went away because it could seriously harm the baby.The blood went away after about 2 weeks bed rest and I am now 14 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy


Sandy - November 17

Hi! I think I have the same thing...I am about 8 wks now, and there is a sack of blood above the baby's sack. My dr. said it could have been the placenta bleeding a while back and now the blood has to come out or aborb into my system. He did say to rest and no heavy activity...and it is a risk for miscarriage...but, we're still hanging in there and no signs of miscarrying...but, i'm confused about it too...what caused it?


Teri - December 15

I am 8 weeks also and they found a sack of blood in my uterus too. They didn't tell me to go on bed rest though. Just to take it easy.


Sandy - December 16

Just wanted to update any others that have the same concerns...I am now 12 weeks and my last sonograms showed that the blood sack was gone and the baby is healthy and, there's great hope!


Stacey - January 6

Hopefully this will be of relief to some of you... In my last pregnancy, there was an area of the uterus that appeared to have a small "clot" outside the placenta during ultrasounds early in the pregnancy. I wasn't sure what to think, but they a__sured me that I shouldn't worry about it much as everything else with the baby was fine. At about four months, I started bleeding fairly heavily for about a week...thought I was miscarrying, and was sent in for what felt like daily tests for the remainder of the pregnancy. This bleeding was determined to be a "sub-chorionic" bleed - which when I researched that on the internet I became terrified - don't do it. Later, my AFP levels were a scare when they showed a higher chance of spina bifida about terrified. I learned that the AFP test can show false positive results in women who experience these kinds of bleeding, yet to be sure, the OB/GYN treated me with kid gloves for the remainder. At exactly nine months I delivered a perfectly healthy, although slightly tiny baby girl. She is now 1 1/2 and thriving. Please don't despair if you see this kind of result on an ultrasound...keep your spirits up and hopefully your outcome will be as positive as mine was. Currently 5 wks pregnant again and have been bleeding for two solid weeks - not looking good. Fingers crossed.


Sami - December 29

I am so glad that you put this question. I just had my first ultrasound today at 6 weeks, and he said there was blood in my uterus. I am glad to others with a similar problem. The dr. didn't tell me to take it easy, but I will make sure that I do.. Thanks



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