Blood Test Came Out Postive For Downs Syndrome Only 21 Yrs

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Jennifer - September 1

im now 17 weeks pregnant and my blood test came out postive for downs syndrome how is that possiable when im only 21 and no one in my family has that? are the tests accurate my gyn says i have to take an amnio im scared!!!


j.a. - September 1

If it is an AFB test you took there is a high false positive rate. My cousin came back positive and she just gave birth to a very healthy baby boy yesterday. Talk to your doctor about the success rate of the test performed before agreeing to do the amnio.


Tracy - September 3

Hello Jennifer. Let me start by saying do not panic just yet. AFP screening only tests for certain risk factors. In which your pregnancy has met. The does not mean that baby has downs it simply means that there is potential risk for it. The amnio is suggested to get a more conclusive look at possible complications. Further more downs is not considered a genic trait. It is cause by a slightly abnormal egg. Most women only experience this in older ages because the eggs start to become non viable the closer a woman is to menopause. I really think you should discuss the details with your pract_tioner. He or She will be able to give you a better understanding. I do understand how scary and frustrating it must be to be in your situation. BUt please understand that nothing is conclusive just yet. Many women have abnormal AFP screenings and go on to have beautiful healthy babies.


Louise - September 3

Even if a test shows your baby is at risk of having Down's, it does not necessarily mean they do have it they are just more likely to. Also you do not "have to" take an amnio-only if you want to it is your choice. Some women prefer to have a higher quality ultrasound instead as an amnio carries a small risk of miscarriage-it is very small but many women feel any risk no matter how small is too much. HIgh level ultraounds can be perfomed iinstead. Some women don't feel the need for the amnio as regardless of the result they want to keep their baby-others feel they need to have the amnio as although they intend to keep their baby regardless they wish to prepare themselves in the event that their child should have the syndrome. Will you post to say how you get on? Ill be thinkinf of you.


Heidi K - September 4

I am 29...having my fourth test came back positive....I was SO depressed, confused, ect. I had to go to a bigger hospital to get a level II ultrasound and chose to get the amnio done (which they wanted to do anyway) There is a high false positive "son" does NOT have DS:) But it sure gave me the scare of a lifetime!


Heidi K. - September 4

Good luck....keep in touch...its a LONG ride!!


jennifer - September 10

hi im only 24 and i had an amnio i was scared but its not that bad i learned my son had water in the brain and let me tell you ilove my son who now is 3 and smarter than ever also my friend also had the test for downsyndrome it came back positive had an amnio and there was no downsyndrome i think 1minute of pain will end a 9 month stress


to Jennifer - September 10

that blood test is not really good but it is only a screening I aslo got a positive result for trisomy 18 which is alot worse than ds anyways I was scared to make a long story short I had a level 2 sono which came back showing a healthy baby trisomy 18 or ds markers at if I were you I would opt for the level 2 then if you feel you need to have the amino done...I did not want to risk it I am 35yrs and I did not want to take the chance of mc....good luck to you...


ann - September 11

i am in my forties and would like another baby but my periods are now getting to be 7-10 days late for the last couple of months.i had a baby at 41 and everything was ok.i just worry that they could be a chance of down syndrome or other things but at the end i would still want my baby whatever i do not want an amnio as my friend lost her baby after having one done. what things could go wrong and do i still have a chance of becoming pregnant .thanks ann


Ashley - September 12

Jennifer, my dh's cusin is 24 and 8 months pregnant. She was scared for 3 months that her daughter had Down's - and after the amnio everything came back fine. They did several tests for her before the amnio and everything put the odds against her, and her baby is fine. The baby girl had a cyst on her brain that could be symptomatic of Down's but is fine anyway! So hang in there, whatever you decide!!


lab tech - September 13

Ladies, from a lab tech's (and mom's) point of view... The AFP screen is somewhat misleading because it does have a high margin for error. Many factors go into that result such as date of last menstrual period, gestational age (either determined by ultrasound or LMP), age of the woman, and the EDC (estimated date of delivery or "confinement"). If any of these dates are off by as much as 7 days, it could effect the accuracy of the results. I would recommend, before having an amniocentesis, talking to your doctor about having a second ultrasound to re-determine gestational age, and submit this information to the lab which performed your AFP screen. They can take the AFP measurement from that test, and re-calculate your risk with the new gestational age, and EDC. It is less invasive than an amnio, and has fewer risks. Just FYI, my daughter had an increased risk for downs syndrome when I had my AFP done. She was born very healthy, and w/o downs. Like I said, when my doc told me it came back increased risk for downs, I asked him if he had my LMP date right. The date he had written down was correct, but my gestational age was 12 days further along than what my u/s said. He used the LMP to calculate my gestational age, and submitted this information to the lab at the time my AFP was ran. When we submitted my gestational age using the u/s, the risk for downs came back significantly lower, to almost no risk. I wish you all the best, and keep us posted on your pregnancies!!!


MK - September 19

WOW....I am ALSO having a BOY...and my triple test also came back positive! I went to a bigger hospital decided on getting the amnio even though I never had one in my last three pregnancies! They did the amnio before they did the level ll ultrasound. They said that "he" looked signs of downs....I hated the wait...It is a horrible thing to have to wait..and...wait...ect. Luckily I was close to the cut off to get an they rushed my test results...(Not that I would have an abortion) I found out the first results in three days...and the last (more reliable) within 5 days! I am not having a baby with DS... I am 29 years old! Good luck:)


shyheims mommy - February 3

today is feb.3 2011 and my due date is june 12 2011 and i was told that i have an 1in 33 percent chnace of having a baby with downs..that made me sad because this is my first child and this is the news that i get but after reading some of these posts it cheered me up but i read somewhere that your LMP has something to do with it that definately helpoed me alot because i gave the doctors a estimated guess of sep 5 when i know for a fact that i didnt even get a period in september... called the doctor after reading these comments and asked them if my lmp may have something to do with the chance being positive they told me yes and i told them that my lmp was defiantely wrong so they told me to wait untik i go to the level2 ultrasound and let them know that it was incorrect i didnt think that would have had something to do with the scare if i knew before i would thought about it real hard and gave an accurate date which im think is august 24-28 cause my bday was sep.3 and i got a week before... so its somewhere in between thos days.... no one and i mean no one im my family has that or has ever been diagnosed with that so how could this be.. i leave this is gods hands because for years that i have tried to concieve and finally two years later im blessed to be carrying,i dont think my child will have DS.



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