Bright Red Bleeding Help

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littlerose80 - July 13

Hey everyone. I am now nine weeks pregnant. Since about six weeks i have had spotting pink/red . After two visits to the ER and an ultrasound i had relief when they saw the heartbeat. But i do have a subchronic bleed. The last week the bleeding has gotten worse and its now bright red and almost every morning. THere doesn't seem to be any flow as its just after i wipe after going to the washroom and i have no cramps. My doc is trying to get me another ultrasound. I just don't know how i am going to survivie emotionally as everytime i see blood it is wearing me down more and more emotionally. Please if anyone has similar stories please share. I could really use some encouragement. Amber


Jennfier - July 13

I had bright red bleeding as well in my first trimester. Scared me big time. My doctor told me if I pa__sed clots or is I soaked more than 1 pad an hour to call. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and have not had any problems. Good Luck


Steffer - July 13

I am nine weeks also and just had some bright red bleeding. The Doc said not to worry right now and I am going to get get blood work done tmrw to make sure everything is ok. I will pray for us both.


PWEE770 - August 19

Hey littlerose, how are things now with your bleeding. I had brown bleeding that eventually turned to bright red, and I unfortunately miscarried. However, my cousin had the same and she now has a healthy 14 months old baby boy. It all depends on the situation, but stressing definately wont make it any better. See your Doc and make him send you for a u/s. But I am sure you will be fine!


smswedlund - August 21

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have off and on bleeding for sometimes days. Sometimes it is brownish pink and sometimes it is bright red. I will be having my second ultra sound this friday to look for the baby's heartbeat. I am so stressed out! this will be our second child. I have a 2 year old boy now. Help I am very worried any one else goin through this also?


Tara B - September 16

Hi little rose, I've been spotting pretty much since I found out that I was pregnant 1 1/2 months ago, but last night i went to go #1 and bright red blood was dripping from me. I am very nervous, but trying real hard not to think about it. I have a doctors appt 9/22/2006. I have had two ultra sounds and both came back great, so I am hoping for the best. Today just back to the usualy brown spotting. What is Subchronic bleeding? My doctor knows I spot, but should I ask about subchronic bleeding or would they have told me that already?



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