Bright Spots On Heart

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kathykitt - December 19

Hi everyone: Im new to this forum and am hoping that your experiences and personal stories could give me some hope and support through this scary time in my pregnancy. First of all, Im 37 , and am 20 weeks pregnant. I have had the tran nuch scan and it came out normal, I had the blood work done and have a 1/10000 risk for trisomoy 18 and a 1/2800 risk for trisomy 21. All my ultrasounds have been great. The baby is very active, and measuring exactly to date. I recently went for the level II scan and they said I was having a girl, and that every organ looked normal, structures looked normal, but they did find two small spots on both ventricles of the heart. They said it was echogenic foci. They said if I was 25 they would not have to tell me, however because Im 37 they needed to explain the increased risk, and suggested I have an amnio. Well as you all might know, my heart sank. Im feeling overwhelmed and so scared. It took me 3 years to have a viable pregnancy again, This is my second child (god willing) I have a 4 year old beautiful and healthy daughter. All I want more than anything is to have one more healthy child to love, and care for. I am so upset and worried. I thought everything was going so well. The doctors made me think that from the first set of test results everything was great, and my odds were in my favor. I opted out of the amnio at 16 weeks because of the results. Now I have to decide what to do? I look at the ultrasound pics of my daughter and see that her fingers are perfect, nasal bone present, limbs fine, I am really losing it! Shouldnt other structural markers show up? the nuch test show something wrong? blood work show something wrong? Please I need your help! The specialist said that gut feeling..he thinks the baby is fine, but an amnio is the only difinitive answer. ?


jilo77 - December 19

I am 25 weeks pregnant with my second boy. At my 18 week level II u/s they found 2 choroid plexus cysts on his brain. These cysts are weakly a__sociated with trisomy 18. Everything else on my baby looked great! I am 30 years old and according to my AFP I have a 1:575 for downs and 1:2700 for trisomy 18. With these CPC;'s it is more like 1:1350 for trisomy 18. I opted out of the amnio as it really wouldn't change how I felt. I wasn't going to terminate no matter what. I am definetly worried and am going back for another level II u/s in 3 weeks. The odds are in our favor though. My cousin's first child had a bright spot on his heart and she never did the amnio. It is only weakly a__sociated with down's. She has a beautiful 2 year old now. Having an amnio is a personal choice but it comes with it's own set of risks. My perinatologist said about 1 out of every 200 performed amnios end up in miscarraige whether the baby is healthy or not. My thought was, if my baby has trisomy 18 there is nothing that I did or could do. But it would kill me if my pregnancy ended due to a failed amnio. Just my take on it. Good luck to you!


kathykitt - December 19

Thank you Jilo, for giving me your imput. Pregnancy is supposed to be an exciting time and its turned into a stressful time when you get some unexpected news like we got. It doesnt seem fair. I will keep you in my prayers, as I hope you will keep me in yours!! Good Luck!


kendra.marie - December 20

okay my advise or opinion to you is; id you do the amnio & it comes back somethings wrong would you abort? if you would & you cant stand not knowing i mean go for your heart. i dont do any tests & i dont want the results considering im a mother of one & pregnancy with our second i dont care if god gave me a blessed baby i would raise that child & love that child jsut as much & i wouldnt want to know until birth somethings wrong. thats my opinion if you dont care if somethings wrong then dont test, if you cant stand not knowing then test but will it change your MIND or your HEART on your unborn daughter? thats the real question. love & good luck hunni



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