Brown Blood At 7 Wks U S OK Should I Worry

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Missy - February 14

I woke up on Sunday morning (it is now Monday) at about 4AM to go to the bathroom. I noticed brown blood on the paper when I wiped. When I went back upstairs, I woke up my boyfriend so I could check the sheet. There was a spot about the size of an adult head - all brown blood. I went to the ER and the US showed the baby was OK - 125 BPM and definently there. The physical exam showed my cervix was closed. I am still worried. The doctor (who looked like she was still in school and spoke terrible English) said it was a threatened pregnancy and to see my regular doctor in about 2-3 days. Oh, and my boyfriend and I had s_x the night before (Sat night). I am at 6 wks 6 days today. Has this happened to anyone else? I am so worried. Someone please answer me, I just want to know that someone else has gone through this and the baby ended up OK.


Stefani - February 14

I have heard of lots of people having s_x and then bleeding. I wouldn't worry until your doctor says worry. I would contact your doctor asap and schedule an US and get his/her opinion. Try not to worry....I know it is hard. Good luck and God bless!


J - February 14

I don't like to leave negative posts but I would make sure you get back to your doc asap. 125 bpm is slow for a heartbeat it should be about 150 bpm. The same thing happened to me a few months ago. I went to the bathroom to notice brown blood. It continued for a couple of days. I called my doc and went in and she did an u/s and the baby had a heartbeat but was only measuring 6 weeks 1 day and I was almost 8 weeks. I lost the baby a few days later. Good luck to you.


Missy - February 14

Thanks Stefani. And also J, even though I will say that you didn't make me feel any better. I would like to know how you know what the HR should be - I was told that between 120 and 160 is well within normal limits. Please let me know, I am now more worried than before! Thanks to both of you for your answers, they sure do make me think!


eyebeeablessing2u - February 14

I am sure its OK with the baby.. i bled at 7 weeks for 10 days... had the US and it showed a baby with a heartbeat... I am now 20 weeks and everything has been ok..... and I don't expect any other problems.....Don't worry it could also have been implantation bleeding and not related to having s_x at all...


Mack - February 14

Missy, a normal fetal heartbeat ranges between 120-160. At the very start (around 5-6 weeks) it may be a little slower (mine was 100 at 6 weeks) but it will get very fast and then slow down to the range I mentioned. 125 is obviously in the lower range of normal but it is still NORMAL.


Julie - February 15

Missy, I am 10.5 wks and have been spotting since week 6. Its more comon than you think. I actually had bright red bleeding two nights ago...that was frightening. Went in for US yesterday and everything appears fine. I know it's hard to relax because we want things to be alright and don't have the answers but just remember that everything will work out for the better. Also remember that if anything happens, it's nothing you did wrong. I keep telling myself these things because I am worried myself. Some things are just beyond our control and we have to trust that our bodies will do whatever is necessary to help us have a healthy child....even if that might mean what we fear the most right now. Think positive until your doctor gives you reason not to. Goodluck...we are all in this together.


J - February 15

Sorry I read on another website that it the heartbeat was supposed to be between 140-160. Please don't worry I am so sorry if I upset you. The only person that can provide you with the best info is your doctor and I am certainly no doctor. Good luck to you!



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