Brown Pink Spotting Since Yesterday So Scared

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angelisa - May 19

I am not sure this is blood or discharge or what...but I am so scared!I am 6 weeks and since the beginning I have been having on and off cramps and the doctor said it is normal..but since yesterday I had those discharge, brown/pink colour..very little during the day..I am scared!Anybody had the same???


taralaralu - May 20

I also had spotting. For me it first happened at 8 weeks, and again from 9-11 weeks. Mine was mostly brown, but a little pinkish once. I talked to my doctor about it a lot because I was really scared. She said there are many reasons (other than miscarriage) why spotting happens: any mild irritaion to the cervix like a pelvic exam or intercourse, or old blood that occured during implantation expelling as your uterus starts to grow. I know that it's nerve wracking, but there's not much you can do but wait it out. Make sure to keep your doctor posted, especially if the spotting gets heavier or gets to be more red in color. I have also asked other women about their pregnancies and at least half of them said they had spotting at some point, and everything turned out fine for them. Best of luck to you!


angelisa - May 20

Thank you for sharing with me! I so hope everything is fine!!I will keep you posted. All the best to you as well!


tinkri - May 20

angelisa, I am in the same boat. I believe I am 5w5d but I could be alittle further as my hcg level is on the high side of normal for these dates. Yesterday I had very little light brownish discharge when I wiped. Today I had alittle more twice when I went to the bathroom. I will keep you in my prayers. I had a m/c last May at 8w6d and can't imagine having to go through that again.


kee - June 12

you need to see your doctor asap. 50% of women who spot miscarry. so they always check it out. if all checks out on the ultrasound, theyll just monitor you more closely. some women do spot during their pregnancy and go to term. best of luck.


greeneyedgemini616 - June 20

I don't know how accurate 50% is it sometimes just takes time for the implantation blood to work it's way out. I spotted for a couple days mainly in the mucus and it was brown had an u/s and heard the heartbeat for the first time. They said to worry if you have centralized cramping in the abdomen and if the blood was bright red.


joya - June 20

as long as it is brown or pink with no cramps then you shouldn't worry. for me it started brown then pink and then red with severe cramping and resulted in miscarriage in sixth week. but it is always good you call your doctor.


Leilani14 - June 21

Hi! I had spoting that strted at 5w3d , brown and pink, I even pa__sed few clots. It lasted for 5 days. First day I thought it's normal, but since it didn't go away I really started to freak out. Called the dr and scheduled U/S for 5w5d. U/s showed sac and yolk and technican said that everything looked normal and that it is to early to see the baby. The whole U/S made me feel so much better. I did the repeat at 6w5d and my little baby was in there with strong hb. I'm 26 weeks now. Take care and hang in there.



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