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Lisa - March 8

I am 7 weeks and have been spotting for 2 weeks now. It started off as a pinkish tan and the last 4 days now it is a dark brown. It is not alot, but there all the time - I have to wear a liner. This is my 4th pregnancy and this has never happened to me before. The doctor doesn't seem to concerned. Does anyone know how normal this is. I just lost a baby at 35 weeks in June - I can't bare to lose another one. I'm really scared about this.


Mayra - March 10

I have been spotting since my 6th week of pregnancy and my doctor wasn't concerned at all. As long as it's brown blood and you no cramping then you shouldn't worry about it. I am now 14 weeks. Why did you loose your baby at 35 weeks?


Erica - March 11

Mayra, You made me feel a little better. I am six weeks and have been spotting for exactly a week. I had my HCG levels tested early in the week and they did double but my progesterone was low. So the Dr. placed me on progesterone. I'm still having the brown stuff, sometimes it looks clotty but not round clotty, its long and stringy looking. Did you have clots. As far as cramping goes, I can't distinguish a cramp from gas so I have no idea if I'm cramping.


sas - March 11

TTC since dec with no luck. normal af each month. But this month, the day AF was due started this brown stuff (very light). Hpt next day negative 4 days later brown stuff nearly gone. So was that my AF or have i had a missed AF? Chance I could be preg and tested to early? Not many other signs but weird achey feeling in pelvis area. Any thoughts. Thanks.


Amanda - March 29

Being trying to conveive and every month is a disappointment. I was 5 days late and the on the 5fh day started with the brown stuff and some clotts. dow this mean i am not pregnant?


Diane - May 27

I lost my baby girl in August at 41 weeks pregnant due to a cord accident. now I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and am spotting brown blood. I am so scared!!


Ashley - May 27

I was told that the brown stuff is old blood and that as long as its brown your fine.


liz - May 30

Well I am about 5 weeks, and I have brown spotting and had cramps yesterday, went to the ER they check my levels I was at 74.No more spotting since then, they looked at the ultrasound and it looked like a "cyst" now over the long weekend I dont know what to think.


ricki - August 16

I don't know if I'm pregnant but my menstrual is brown and very lite and I had gas and cramps b___st tnderness all @ once


Diane - August 17

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my little baby girl at 41 weeks due to a cord accident last August 11th. I have since had 2 misscariges one @ 9 weeks and 1 @ 6 weeks. I am now 7.5 weeks pregnant again and every thing looks ok. your spotting should not be a problem unless it turns bright red. brown is old blood. I spotted brown blood for 2 days with this pregnancy and every thing seems ok. do you have any cramping? do you have morning sickness? when i had my misses I lost my morning sickness days before I bled bright red blood. good luck to you I hope every thing works out. why was your baby born still? How are you doing? The sadness is still very overwhelming for me at times. Take care and god bless, Diane(mommy of a sleeping angel -Ellie Marie)


liz - August 17

I'd listen to the doc, but in rare cases, brown spotting is a sign of ectopic pregnancy, which can be life threatening. It is a pregnancy in a fallopian tube. It happened to me and I had to have emergency surgery. I do not think that at 7 weeks it would be likely but it might be worth mentioning, especially if you have any pain. On the other hand, you have had other babies so you are probably just fine. I think brown blood is old blood and not anything to worry about. Just call the doc if you have pain. Good luck! :)


does this help - August 29

if it gives anyone a peice of mine . im currently 35 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby thus far. my first pregnancy was lost at 18 weeks. i didnt have spotting i had a full b__wn heavier than my heaviest period bleeding. and PAIN. not just cramps but i could barely walk pain. I dont know if thats because iwas further along or not. however with this pregnancy i have had spotting the whole time pretty much . my dr says some ppl just do . however. not at 35 weeks ive lost my plug and baby can come any day now. a bit early than id like but still healthy all the same. so sometimes spotting is ok i guess.


Elder - September 2

I am 12wks preg. I also started spotting its darkish brown, at first i got pretty scared i wouldnt want to loose this baby, I must say to know i am not out here alone, that spotting happens and sometimes it just does for no reason at all, really helps, my gy/ob does not seen concerence at all, he put me on Antibiotics,says my body is trying to reject the baby.


diane - September 2

for the posting on 9-2-05 Is this your first pregnancy? it is common for the body to reject the baby in your first pregnancy because your body has never been through a pregnancy. It happened to me in my first pregnancy at 11 weeks gestation. but if you have had a baby before than you may want a second opinion. There are many reasons a woman can bleed during pregnancy, and many go on to have healthy babies.


Joanne - September 12

I too started spotting, first it was a cream colour, then it was light brown, then this morning it was dark brown, almost burgundy. I am really scared, so I had an HCG test, which will come back tomorrow, until then, it's a waiting game and I am really scared.


Elder - September 23

Come to think of it, most women just spot for no apparent reason at all. I am so glad my spotting stopped, my baby is fine and i think i feel her move inside me sometimes although i am now 16wks. And to all of you spottig moms out there, dont panic sometimes it just happens and will eventually stop on its own.


Angela - October 12

For Peace of Mind. During my first pregnancy I spotted a brown discharge for a few days around my 8th week and was VERY concerned, as you all are. Do not worry until you have to. Get lots of rest and try to relax. The pregnancy went fine and he is now a very busy 3 1/2 year old.



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