Brown Spotting At 6w 6d Please Help

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Brownie - April 20

I am approximately 6w 6d pg. I have been having brown spotting only when I wipe for the past week. I did have an internal ultrasound three days ago that showed gest sac, yolk sac, and fetal pole with no hb. There had been growth from the prior weeks us as there was no fetal pole the week before. I have researched and info I find is very confusing. Has anyone experienced this and had a successful pregnancy? I am extremely worried. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Kristin72 - April 20

I had the same thing exactly at 6 weeks 5 days..Saw all the same things on my ultrasound including a flashing light which indicated a heartbeat..but it would have been too quiet to hear via the doppler. Please do not worry..I am now in my 10th week and again i spotted over easter very light and brown and only when i wiped. Went to the doctor on monday and heard the heartbeat with the doppler this time. My doctor told me not to worry. Because the worrying will not change things it is definiately out of our hands..however it is great news that you saw the gest sac,yolk sac and fetal pole...6 weeks 6 days is often too early to see or hear any heartbeat. I am sure things till be just fine. Keep your chin up and request an additional ultrasound to see the heartbeat in a week or two. P.S. I have to admit i too worry daily that i too will lose my baby. I just got over a mssed miscarriage at 14 weeks last december and was preggers after 2 cycles! Best wishes.. Kristin


Brownie - April 21

Kristin, thanks so much for responding and giving me a little hope. I have another us scheduled on monday so I should have all my questions answered. This has been the longest week of my life. I as well had a missed m/c in June of last year so hoping this one sticks. Again, thanks for responding.


Kristin72 - April 24

Hi Brownie, How did your ultrasound go? I am still spotting..have an appointment with my gyno on Wednesday...set up my prenatal screening tests for May 4th. Can't help but wonder why I am spotting..there must be a reason. Hope you are doing well Kristin


JenniferB - April 24

I bled at 8 and 9 weeks enough to fill a panty liner. I am 17 weeks today and everything is fine. I had blood in my uterus and they have no idea why. Spotting isn't always a bad omen. I hope all is well for both of you.


Smiles - April 28

I as well had the brown when I wiped and then I started having episodes. At 7.9,11 I was actually bleeding....not just a little bit allot. 3 ultrasounds later they told me baby was fine. I am now 18w almost 19w and am doing fine. Like the other person said it isn't always bad. Try not to get too stressed. No one could ever tell me what happened they just said that sometime this just happens!


Kristin72 - April 29

Smiles,Jennifer, Did either of you have your ips testing? How did that go?I have not spotted now for a week..have my IPS next Thursday. Very nervous I might I lost a baby at 13 weeks 6 days with a high NT and then eventually the heart stopped beating after the ips last December. Take Care Kristin


Brownie - May 1

I had to have a d/c on tuesday. Pregnancy was not progressing as it should and there was no hb. I am quite sad as this is my second mc in 10 months. Hope all works out well for you Kristin72.


Kristin72 - May 1

Hi Brownie..I am soo sorry for your loss..I know how sad and frustrated you must feel...I hope you have enough strength to try again in the near future. Please mourn your loss..but look ahead to your future.. I was just there only 4 months ago and I still feel the pain of my loss..I have my IPS tests on Thursday..scared sh**tless. This is where I found out all the bad news last time. I have still spotted on and off...Just hoping there is nothing wrong this time. Again..I will be thinking of you.. Take Care and Best of luck for your future!!! XO Kristin



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