Brown Spotting Discharge At 8 Weeks

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flipthea - January 14

I've been getting brown and sometimes pink discharge for several weeks. My OB doesn't know what's causing it. The baby is fine and has a heartbeat. What could be causing this brown discharge? I had a yeast infection at 6 weeks and I was given monistat. OB thought the discharge was from that. I don't think I have yeast inf. anymore but still getting brown discharge.


drgb1967 - January 15

I've been having the same problem since I was 6 weeks pg. I'm now 13 weeks and the baby seems fine, but it can be extremely distressing. I've read from many different sources that 1/3 of women spot during pregnancy and it may mean nothing. However, I would definitely get a progesterone and Hcg level done if you haven't had it yet. Have you had an US to check for a hematoma? I don't think it has anything to do with the yeast. Good luck.


JuJu - January 17

Hi flipthea and drgb1967; wanted to tell you my 'spotting' story to give you rea__surance. when I was pregnant with my DD in 2004, I had some spotting at around 8 or so weeks and naturally I was worried. Although it was only a small amount of brownish colour, I immediately panicked - booked in to see my OB immediately. My OB said that the baby looked great, good HB etc.....but that the spotting was most likely caused by a small SCH (subchorionic haematoma behind the placenta. I researched many websites at the time, and discovered that if a baby had reached 8+ weeks and was viewed on general u/s to be healthy, that the odds were very good for the pregnancy to continue. My spotting continued on and off for a few weeks, eventually stopping around 13/14 weeks. SCH's are actually very common during pregnancy, and alot of the time women don't even know they have them in the first trimester - because rather than 'bleeding out' the blood is absorbed internally. I was told that SCH's are common, because there is so much vasular activity happening around the placenta - little clots of blood can form, especially between the uterine wall and the placenta. U/S technician's often refer to the SCH's as 'bruising'. Anyway, most of the time the pregnancy continues just fine - which is what happened with my DD - my pregnancy continued without a hitch and she was born at a healthy 8p4oz. The interesting thing was, at the same time that I was pg with my DD, I had 3 other friends who were also pregnant - and all of us had spotting!! (and all had healthy bubs :) So I am sure you'll be fine - just take it easy and try not to worry too much {hugs}, juju


jessica72 - January 17

Also wanted to share my experience with spotting. After an early m/c last May in which I had hardly any spotting, we found out we were pregnant in August. I immediately began to spot mostly brown and sometimes red when I would wipe. That carried on from week 5-8. My OB office checked me out and said my cervix was closed and that it might still be implantation bleeding (which i was surprised at 7 weeks) Baby HB was fine at 8 weeks and then the spotting stopped just like that. I'm now at 24 weeks and have since had a nice easy pregnancy Thank God. So spotting doesn't always mean the worst. There are so many factors that can cause early spotting. Hugs :)


flipthea - January 18

Yes I've had 3 ultrasounds and the baby is there and had a strong heartbeat. My OB had never mentioned of a possibility of a hematoma. Should that be removed? I'm 9 weeks pregnant now and yesterday I had some red discharge but it's now back to brown. Can anyone tell me more about this subchorionic hematoma? I've also had my HCG checked at 6 weeks and it's good. I would say I started spotting around 5 weeks of pregnancy.



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