Brown Spotting With Twins

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taralaralu - May 11

I am 10 weeks pregnant and have been having brown spotting off and on for the past 4 weeks. The first time it occured was just after my first Ob appointment. When I called my doctor about it, she said it was most likely due to the pelvic exam, since my cervix has increased blood flow. After it happened again a week and a half later, my doctor offered to do an ultrasound. The ultrasound at 9 weeks showed twins (surprise!!). The heart rates were from the mid 160s-mid 170s, and the embryos were 2.3 cm long. Ever since that ultrasound a week ago, I have been having a little brown spotting almost every time I go to the bathroom. The doctor had said to not worry about the spotting unless it gets to be red. Has anyone else experienced spotting while pregnant with twins? I can't help but worry. My next appointment is on Monday- 4 long days away. Thanks for any feedback!


Honey Bee - May 11

I spotted for like a month with my little one in the beginning and he is sleeping in the other room, only time will tell. I wish you the best of luck , you and your babies. I hope that everything turns out great, keep us posted


ohbother - May 16

I am 3w2d gestattion so for most people I guess that would be 5w2d. I started spotting last Monday, red blood and brown blood, then again last night. Last night was much heavier spotting and a few clots. We called the Dr. and he told us to come in this morning and do an u/s. We are having twins!! There was also a small pocket or something, he thinks it is blood. He said to stay on pelvic rest and wait and see what happens. Oh, I should mention that we did IVF. I am on estrace, progesterone, and prenatals. Because of the bleed we have to now do progesterone oil shots twice a day. It seems to be helping with the bleeding, but I still have some mild uterine discomfort... not quite cramping, just an ache. Do you have any cramping or achiness?


taralaralu - May 17

I haven't had any cramping, but I have had a lower abdominal ache that feels similar to when a period is getting ready to begin. I have heard that is normal. So far my spotting has only been brown. It must be even more unnerving to have red spotting. I had a Ob. visit on Monday and she used the doppler to listen to the heart beat(s). We heard at least one, but difficult to hear both of them with just a doppler at this stage (11 weeks). She restated that the brown spotting isn't anything to be worried about- just old blood being expelled as my uterus grows. She said it will eventually stop. I hope everything goes well for you and your babies!


ohbother - May 23

I have mild cramping every now and then. I feel more bloated than anything else. I think it is more like pressure than anything else. I hope that this is the end of the spotting for me. I do have to take this progesterone oil shot to stop the bleeding. If you wind up having any red bleeding, ask your OB about Progesterone Oil. It is not a pleasant shot, but it has stopped the bleeding everytime. I can't wait to hear the babies heart beats. We are so excited. Good luck to you too.


SashaP - May 26

Ladies please be cautious with the spotting. I had brown spotting on and off since 5w 3d. I went in for another u/s this tuesday at 8w and they found twins. On wed I had a miscarriage for no reason. I didn't even have symptoms of one no cramping I just felt a gush of blood and I was done. After being in the ER for 5 1/2hrs I was told the twins no longer had a heartbeat and had to have a D&C yesterday. To say the least I am a emotional wreck. I just want people to be more cautious I had no reason to m/c. The Dr's say it's normal to spot but if you have a bad feeling about please be persistant. A m/c is the worst thing any women can go through. Good luck with your pregnancy I would give anything to have mine back.



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