Brown Tissue Like Discharge What Would Be Wrong

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mrssamanthaj - June 15

I'm 5 weeks & 4 days pregnant. I began light bleeding (dark red) yesterday and went to the ER, had blood work done, pelvic exam, and a va___al ultrasound. The red blood was very brief. However, my doctors were very vague. With the pelvic exam, I was told that my cervix is at pin point, but there was blood present and he thought I may have been having a miscarriage. Then after the ultrasounds, I was told that everything looked good so far and was possibly not a miscarriage. Since the baby is so tiny, we couldn't find a heartbeat, but did see it in the yolk sac. My HCG levels were 7000 last night, is this good at 5 1/2 weeks? I'm going to be having my levels checked again tomorrow. I'm just so scared that I'm having a miscarriage. I'm still having a very light brown discharge with bits of what looks like tissue, but only when I wipe (sorry for so much info). I know you all are not doctors, but what is your input on my situation? Thanks so much!


sailbumswife - June 16

I'm currently 3 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I found out I was pregnant last week after having some brownish pink colored spotting when I wiped also (it was never enough to stain). My doctor explained that I was having implantation bleeding which could last an unknown amount of time (it varies in each women and each pregnancy). I was also given a v____al ultrasound on Thursday because I was having intense cramping which led to more bleeding by the time I arrived at the doctors. They discovered that I had a cyst ruptrue which was leading to the pain and bleeding. While they were doing the ultrasound they found a sac in the middle of my uterus which measured 4 weeks and 2 days (a week further along than I was on that day). They were not able to find a heartbeat becauase I am not far enough along. (The brownish discharge that I was having was explained to me as being old blood that was leaving my body). I also discussed the situation with a family member of mine who had miscarried recently and she described the bleeding to me as being a heaveir period with a little bit stronger than period like cramping, she was given an ultrasound also and the sac that they had seen on her perviously was no longer there). So I would say the fact that they said everything looked good would mean that you did not have a misscarriage. When I had my original blood test done my HCG levels were at a 244 when I had the test repeated for the second time a week later my levels had increased but only to a 440 and my doctors are now concerned that I have an ectopic pregnancy. I am another ultrasound and bloodtest performed on Monday, but I am very confused as to the sac they saw in my uterus and the ectopic pregnancy they are worried about. I too would appreciate any information that anyone may have, Thank you!!!


mrssamanthaj - June 16

It's all so confusing and heartbreaking to think something could be wrong with your baby. I've been through so many ups and downs within the past little bit. But, the stuff was looking like brown tissue has stopped and it's just more of a light brown spotting now. So I'm really not sure what's going on. My husband and I did have s_x the day before all this began, but when it began, the blood was like a dark red. Only present when I wiped. I'm totally confused!! But thanks so much for your answer and hopefully we get some more info here soon. Good luck. :)


sailbumswife - June 16

I think the hardest part for anyone in our position is having to wait to find out more. I know I keep being told it's to early to tell, and it's hard to keep hearing that over and over again. This is actually my second pregnancy, I have a have healthy, happy 19 month old son, and for me all of this is completely different then anything I had done with him. On your orinigal posting you said your HCG levels were at a 7000, from the readings I have done (and I know everyone is different) some who is 5 weeks pregnant should show HCG levels of 18 - 7,340 mIU/ml (which I copied and pasted off of the website. You had also said that you were having another test done, I was wondering if you had already had the results and what they had said. Hopefully you will get more answers soon about your spotting, but everything I have read has said that some women spot throught the first trimester and my doctor had also mentioned that I should not have s_x or insert anything v____ally if I was spotting for until 48 hours after the spotting had stopped, so you may want to ask your doctor. Theycould have also told me this because of everything else going on with me though. GOOD LUCK!!! I'm sure everything will work out fine.


mrssamanthaj - June 16

That's exactly what is bothering me so much, the waiting. So many things, good and bad, run through your mind in between that period of time. This is my first pregnancy and so I have no idea what to expect. I'm hoping that my levels double, but I've been researching a blighted ovum because my pregnancy symptoms, what few I was having, seem to have went away. I just had my second test, but I won't be able to find out anything until Monday morning. It's awful! I read that if it is a blighted ovum, that the HCG levels doubling doesn't really mean anything because the body still believes it is pregnant and the placenta still develops, releasing HCG. I was told to wait 14 days before having s_x and just watch heavy lifting, keep my feet up. I'll be sure to keep ya posted on my situation and let me know when something develops with yours as well. Hope everything turns out wonderfully for you!


tilliejupiter - June 21

Hi mrssamanthaj, I had the exact same symptoms at 6 weeks (bleeding followed by a brown tissuey discharge for days), and it turned out to be nothing. I'm at 18 weeks now and all is well. I hope the same is true for you.


Lynne - June 22

I had bleeding and brown discharge from abt 6-9 weeks. I had a polyp on my cervix and that is where my bleeding was coming from. Did the doctors check your progesterone levels? If they were high then you aren't having a miscarriage. I believe anything above 12 is good for progesterone. Otherwise in some cases it can be supplemented to sustain the pregnancy.


sailbumswife - June 22

I have more news about my pregnancy, when I went into the doctor this past minday I found out that I did not have an ectopic pregnancy, however the ma__s they saw in my uterus was no longer there and my HCG dropped to a 56. She told me that I had an unhealthy pregnancy and to be expecting a period. I ended up miscarrying earlier this week. I hope all is going well with you, have you heard any more news??


susiear - June 22

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and started bleeding bright red blood for 5 days. I went to the ER the day after the bleeding began, they did pelvic exam, v____al ultrasound and lab blood work. They told me that everything looks ok. They found the baby's heartbeat and everything looks ok. I keept bleeding 2 days after and call my OB-Gyn, they did progesterone levels and prescribe me Pometrium (progesterone pills) The Results before I took the meds were <5 (should be at least 75-80) so the nurse that called me was concern and ask me to repeat the test again today after 1 day of treatment. I gotta wait until monday to get my results and hopefully the levels can raise to normal. I'm so anxious about the waiting.. I'm still bleeding bright red blood but I can see At the toilet tissue after I wipe, the amount is like a light bleeding period w/no cloths. I only have oca__sional mild c___pming that last for a minute or less. I hope everything turns out ok because this is my first pregnancy and I don't want to have a miscarriage.


AllieP. - June 22

Hi everyone, at around six weeks I started having brownish discharge. I read that it could be quite normal but i was still fearful and kept calling the doctor. I had about an ultasound a week, mainly to rea__sure me that everything was okay. Though they say the brown spotting is normal for some people I did miscarry at eight weeks. What i noticed on the day I believe I miscarried (I had a missed miscarriage where nothing pa__sed) the brown spotting turned sort of gray. I read that gray is not a good sign. Just keep watching. I had a d & c done a week ago and when I start trying again I pray that I have no spotting. Since i had a bad experience I believe any spotting you should be concerned about. But I am a worrier. ;-) Good to all!!


mrssamanthaj - June 24

Thanks so much for all of the great responses and I hope everything goes well. My levels had more than doubled to 18,000 on Saturday. When I went to the doctor on Tuesday, they did another ultrasound and we found the baby's heartbeat at 111 beats per minute. It had changed so much in just five days! Needless to say, I was really relieved. I'm still doing the brown spotting on and off, but everything else seems to be fine for now. sailbumswife: I'm so sorry that you did miscarry. I wish the best for you and your husband. I'm glad that I had your situation to relate to. Best of luck with everything!



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