Bulimia And Pregnancy

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Curly girl - September 25

Hi there, is there anybody with my same problem? I am 5 months pregnant and bulimic. I eat and vomit on a daily basis, even more than 5 times a day. My doctor doesn't know anything as I am too ashamed to talk to someone..can anybody help me? Do you have the same problem?


PJ - September 28

Hello. I am bulimic as well, but i have fought the urge to throw my food up. I don't want to do anything to harm the baby, and myself. it's so hard having an eating disorder AND being pregnant, but my advice to you would be to just take it one moment at a time. when you feel like throwing up, think of your little boo boo and how he/she isn't getting any nutrition. as soon as i found out i was pregnant, i had to throw my distorted self imagge out the window for my baby's sake, but i know i will have a hard time when i have the baby. i'm not here to judge, because if i wasn't pregnant, i'd probably be back to eating and purging too...all i can do is offer friendly advice...please think of your boo boo...


samehere - October 29

I'm glad you were brave enough to ask. I have had a long time eating disorder as well. I have done well during my pregnancy, (7months) but I admit, I am constantly thinking about getting back to my routine, and getting rid of all the baby weight. It's tough, and not many understand. I'm here for you.


X_x - December 28

I managed to stop my eating disorder after I found out my baby's having problems. That was enough to encourage me to stop straining my body after I ate too much.


lynnwest - December 28

I have had bulimia and anorexia... bad combo... went through it with my pregnency. You should tell your DR, that way if there are complications he/she are prepared. They will not tell anyone, but they need to know so they can be fully prepared. As for the urges, they will never go away! But you can do different things, when you feel like purging, go for a walk or rearrange the clothes in the nursery... under no circ_mstances DO NOT stand on a scale! and always always always remember YOU are not getting fat you're baby is growing. If you want to see how much they are growing, lay on your back and watch them move! Thats awesome! Try to remember the health risks, and reward yourself with something special for not purging that day! As long as it is not with food! As your baby grows, so will your emotions, and mental well being. I will warn you though to keep a close eye on yourself afterwards, we have a harder time with postpardum. That is also why your dr needs to know. My husband didn't but my dr did and when my hubbie complained of no great weight gain the dr told him to hush up I was perfect and beautiful and healthy and so was our child! your dr can support you through this. But you have to take the first step. You can not take care of a tottaly dependent baby until you take care of yourself! Just remember you are doing the one thing no man will ever be able to do, relish in your time with having your child that close to your heart!


Please!!! - December 29

Please tell your doctor. Your growing baby may be deficient in all vital nutrients for laying down it's nervous system and form its organs. YOU are supporting two systems including two waste removal systems and circulatory systems and as such must have proper nutrients and electrolytes for your heart and kidney health!!!! Your baby is now beginning to lay down the myelin sheaths which are the insulating coatings of its neural pathways (the telephone lines of the body to the brain) and if there isn't adequate protein and nutrient intake at this time until birth your child may suffer with lower intellect and a harder time learning and processing information. I do not say this to scare you or to judge you but I am a pre-med student and feel obligated to tell you from an anatomy and physiology standpoint. I do not profess to know much really about eating disorders but I do know that you can be highly motivated to hide your illness from others and are very devoted to your rituals, please use that energy and discipline to at least give your baby a brain and nervous system it deserves to live in for 70-80 years. YOU MUST TELL YOUR DOCTOR...for your sake as well as your baby's. Don't be ashamed, your doctor has seen and heard it all before and much worse...be well, Curly girl.


A - December 29

I agree with everyone else. Tell your Dr and I think you should get counseling ASAP. Your developing child needs a healthy mother who retains all the right nutrients. You may want to talk with a psychiatrist as well about the pros and cons of an antidepressant during pregnancy. The medication may help you to cope better with your body and negative thoughts and ruminations so that you don't purge. It may be worth it to protect the health of your child. There are certainly risks, but the Dr can help you figure out if the risks of pruging outweigh the risks of meds. Best wishes to you.


momwithallgirls - April 21

I am also 5 months pregnant and bulimic. This is my 4th pregnancy and I developed bulimia during my 2nd pregnancy. I have never been one to b/p several times a day, but more like every few weeks to satisfy the cravings for the food I don't usally let myself eat. I have had all healthy babies, but I've never purged the healthy food - only the junk food. In addition to telling your dr, I would start seeing a therapist, if you aren't already. It is always the case that an eating disorder has its root cause in your emotions, and sometimes a therapist is the best way to uncover the reason for your bulimia. I know you don't want to harm your innocent baby, and b/ping 5 times a day is definitely depriving your baby of needed nutrition. I know how hard it is to stop the cycle, but for your baby's sake, I really think you need to find a solution, at least for your pregnancy, and hopefully for good. I know it's easier said than done. Do you have any support? Family? Friends? Husband? Good Luck!!!!


cartridge_uk - October 18

My ex wife has bulimia when pregnant and didnt tell anyone. The complications were, high blood pressure so had to spend 2 weeks in hospital trying to prevent baby coming premature. Needed magnesium on a drip. Emergency caeserean which causes ma__sive damage to her own body as the babys heart rate dropped. A scheduled caesearean causes much less damage and they may be able to predict the need for this if they know you are bulimic. Problems b___stfeeding, unable to understand the amount of food needed for the baby. Baby stopped breathing after she was born. She had low birth weight. Problems weaning. Problems during all mealtimes as mother gets anxious when the child is eating. Tried to force feed the child thus causing negative a__sociation and anxiety about food to be transmitted to the child which will in turn cause an eating disorder. Unable to keep to a set routine for mealtimes and bedtimes. Leading to the child to become over tired = naughty. Continually punished for being naughty when in fact she is just tired and hungry. This in turns leads to low self esteem in the child and a feeling of being uncared for. Mother does not recognise or interpret her childs signals. She also had problems with drinking during pregnancy, b___st feeding and when she was left alone to take care of the child. All in all it is best to tell all the doctors, midwife and health visitor about your ED. They wont judge they will just try to help. Also involve your partner in the therapy because it will help him understand you and therefore your relationship will have a better chance of success. All of the problems above are treatable and preventable if you are open and honest with the doctors. If you try to hide it then it all turns out worse in the end. Risks to yourself, your baby and all the people around you that care about you.


BBgirl - April 28

Yes, somewhat I can say that I am struggling or starting to struggle with that problem. I have had anorexia and bulimia for over 5 years now and I thought that I had stopped! I am struggling with how much weight I've already gained and I cant stand that "full" feeling in my stomach. I have a hard time eating or wanting to, but I know I can not starve myself and my baby needs nutrients. I don't want to bring any harm to her, but coming to terms of "normal" eating is im finding it more difficult than I thought!! Recently I've been beginning to purge some again, not a lot and I feel AWFUL about it. True I have morning sickness and nausea, but I can't stand feeling full and find a great relief after I'm done purging and feel empty again. I know it is wrong and I'm not trying to lose weight or anything, but my fear of gaining more and feeling full is starting to take over me and my daily life


dinky86 - September 25

it took me a little over a year to lose 105lbs. i didnt do it the right way. i took all kinds of diet pills, drank energy and diet drinks, starved myself for days, and when i finally did eat i would throw it back up. i also have a thyriod problem which causes me to gain weight. after losing all that weight i became pregnant. im now 14wks along and have already gained almost 30lbs. i stopped taking the diet aids, and started eating more and keeping it down. im only supposed to gain 45lbs throughout my whole pregnancy. i feel so fat and gross now. i worry ive gained too much and wont be able to take it off after i have the baby. i really dont want to gain anymore. ive recently even started thinking about becoming anorexic and bulimic again just to lose the excess weight so that the only fat i get from now on is baby fat. i havent told my boyfriend about how i feel about this wight problem of mine, and he never knew how i lost it all to begin with. he just thinks i over exercised. my job used to keep me exercising all the time, with heavy lifting and pulling and lots of climbing. i worked in the back of a warehouse. but now that im pregnant they have moved me to the front of the store and i lift and do pretty much nothing now. so the only exercising i get is at home. i dont know what to do. i want a healthy baby, but cant stand how i look and feel about myself.



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